5 Big Current Public Projects in Nepal You Must Know About!

    Today we will be talking about few Public Projects run by the state for its citizens which if completed prove as big achievements. Every government has their own Plans and Projects but the question here is , how many of them actually come to the phase of completion? Certainly just a handful! The ones we have listed below are few most talked about topics which are expected to be completed in upcoming period of 5 years.
    1. Kathmandu – Terai Fast Track

    It is a 76.2 KM long National Pride project which is expected to be completed till 2078 B.S. It is also known as ‘Kathmandu – Nijgadh Fast Track’. It will connect Kathmandu with Nijgadh, where the Nijgadh International Airport has to be constructed through Lalitpur, Makwanpur and Bara. After its completion one can travel to and from Kathmandu and Nijgadh respectively within 1.5 hours to 2 hours.
    2. Gautam Buddha International Airport

    It is a dream of our respected Prime Minister, Mr. Khadag Prasad (K.P.) Sharma Oli to increase the number of Buddhist and Hindu tourists at the birth place of Lord Gautam Buddha. So, if such a sacred place has an International Airport, it becomes much easier to do so. Hopefully, it will be completed in few years.
    3. Kodari – Kathmandu – Pokhara – Lumbini Railway

    Though the Airport Projects hasn’t been completed yet, we have got to know about Railways. It will be joining North with South from Kodari, Kathmandu, Pokhara and finally leading to Lumbini. It is supported by the Chinese Government. The way may expand to China in the north. Its construction is yet to start. However, the Chinese Inspection Team has started to determine the model and track for it.
    4. New Delhi – Raxaul – Birgunj – Kathmandu Railway

    If you can remember, recently our respected Prime Minister, Mr. K.P. Sharma Oli visited India and talked over various issues and plans with the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. This Project is one of them. Indian Government is also supporting the other Railway Project in Nepal, East-West Railway. The Indian Inspection Team has already started to track the model. Likewise, Chinese Railways, its construction is yet to start.
    5. Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium

    Although it ss not a government project but it is for public. It is the most trending project nowadays. It is proposed by a private Organization, Suntali – Dhurmus Foundation. After the International Cricket Council (ICC) has granted the One-Day INTERNATIONAL (ODI) status to Nepali Cricket Team, an International Cricket Stadium is felt necessary. The venue is yet to be decided. Whatever the Projects are, we need to support as just sitting back at home and procrastinating won’t help in any manner as ‘Democracy needs Citizens for any Transformation’.
    Pradip Karki
    Pradip Karki
    A seasoned journalist with a passion for storytelling honed over 5 years, specializing in travel, food, and tech.

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