Who says no to Panipuri? Best 4 Panipuri stops in and around Ktm!

    Although, a plate of panipuri and chatpate together gratify your hunger, it tempts you for more. For a while, just forget about the hygiene hustle and devour the delicious foods served in front of you. Although the stalls lay at the side of a street, the area is cleaner than most of the streets in Kathmandu. Check out our recommendations to the best 4 panipuri joints in Kathmandu.
    1. Hygienic Panipuri of Patan

    One of the best pani puri you can get in the city. The crunchy puri, those chatpatdar masla pani and those evenly smashed potato, you couldn’t resist to help yourself. Hygienic Panipuri at Mangalbazar, Patan, right next to the Ganesh Mandir.
    2. Om Pani Puri Chat Center

    The small place near people’s plaza in newroad is one of the oldest place popular for dahi puri and panipuri. The place is always crowded with people. You can enjoy your pani puri and you wont be disappointed. The panipuri there is clean and they use hygienic methods to prepare that as it is also very visible and clear.
    3. Tiwari Brothers

    Their panipuri is indeed one of the best around town. The puris are never stale and the green chili paste that he adds to the mashed potatoes elevates the taste far more than chili flakes could. The spiced water that goes with the puri has been perfected over time and isn’t too spicy or too sour. The only unfortunate thing is that most of the times you have to wait for your turn before you can pop it into your mouth and relish the taste.
    4. Special Om Gupta Panipuri

    One of the best local pani puri stalls also consists of this stall situation near the China Town entrance in front of CTC mall gate. The fresh panipuris are mouth watering and keeps you wanting more. This stall has some more food items as well along with the paniouri and therefore has become a one stop shop for a lunch snack for all.
    Pradip Karki
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