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    यहाँ हामी जाडोमापनि शरीरलाई तातो राख्ने र शक्ति दिने केही खानेकुराका बारेमा बताउँदैछौं ।

    जाडोमा शरीरले पर्याप्त तातो नपाउँदा रुघाखोकी, कफ र छालासम्बन्धी समस्या आइलाग्छ ।जाडोमा खानपानमा ध्यान दिनु जरूरी हुन्छ . यहाँ हामी जाडोमापनि शरीरलाई तातो राख्ने र शक्ति दिने केही खानेकुराका बारेमा बताउँदैछौं ।1)बाजरा म्याग्नेसियम, क्याल्सियम, फाइबर, भिटामिन बी, एन्टीअक्सिडेन्ट र प्रोटीनको मात्रा भरपूर हुन्छ बाजराको रोटी । जाडोमा यसको रोटी खाँदा शरीरलाईपूरा दिन शक्ति प्राप्त हुन्छ ।2) बदाम भिटामिन ईले भरपूर बदामलाई जाडोमा बिहान महसँग खाँदा बिरामीबाट बच्न सक्नुहुन्छ । कब्जियतको समस्या पनि हट्छ ।3)

    Immerse Yourself Into A Great Piece Of Theatre And Witness The Work Of The Oncoming Generation Of Performance Ensemble!

    It isn’t unheard of for schools and colleges to put together theatrics for the general public. The students of Ullens School, along with hosting annual plays, their Grade 11 and 12 students undertaking the IB Diploma Programme are also dedicated students of Theatre and Film. Last year, their show hosted to more than 400 people and they have set the bar high for themselves as they come back this year with another play, “Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead”. The play follows the misadventures of

    Trisara Turns 6! Celebrate The 6th Anniversary With An Awesome Party Doubled With Nabin K. Bhattarai’s Music @Trisara!

    Trisara has no doubt been on the top list for being people’s favourite get together spots. It is now celebrating its 6th anniversary with an exciting party. Along with the awesome party there are yet other announcements and surprises to be announced on the very day at Trisara. This 6th year, the celebration doubles with a surprise. Crash in at Trisara on Saturday and party all night! This venue has proven to be one of the best party spots and we are sure this one will cross all its own

    Laugh Is Out This Weekend With Two Comedians All The Way From Mumbai – The Laugh Club In Ktm!

    How many times have we come across the line ‘Laughter is the best medicine’? Round Table Nepal presents The Laugh Club In association with Himstar this weekend. Kathmandu will witness the famous Indian comedians, Kunal Kamra and Abhijeet Ganguly causing stomach aches with their hilarious comedy. The Laugh club is famous for its artists and epic comedians and we are fortunate to have a piece of it presented in front of us! You do not want to miss it we are sure. Tickets are available for

    Lets Celebrate 25 Years Of Cobweb – The Rock Band This Weekend With Ft. Artists And Special Guest – The ACT, In Ktm!

    One of the legendary rock bands in Nepal, Cobweb turns 25! Tangalwood is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Cobweb this weekend with featured artists Mahesh Nakarmi, Pawan Shakya, Anu Shakya, Rachana Dahal and Sudir Acharya. Not just this much, they have a guest band playing that day – The Act. Excited much? Why not! We are sure music lovers are eagerly looking ahead to witness some awesome music this weekend. Limited Early Birds Tickets are OUT FOR Rs 700!!!! Get it from your nearest OUTLETS

    Fair Trade Christmas Bazaar Is Just Round The Corner! Check It Out This Weekend And Get Into The Christmas Feeling Already!

    Jingle bell jingle bell jingles all the way! Christmas is approaching and you must be looking to buy presents for your friends and family. If that is the case, you should definitely check out the Fair trade Christmas Bazaar happening on the weekend with everything Christmassy. Don’t miss this great opportunity to buy Fair Trade Christmas gifts, enjoy traditional German mulled wine and good food with your whole family! More than 35 stalls will offer you a large variety of fair trade products,

    The Weekend Is Not Over Yet! Party Animals Shouldn’t Be Waiting For Weekends To Party! Check Out Where To Party All Week!

    If you are a party animal then we are sure that just the weekend partying doesn’t serve you well?? Check out our recommendations to some amazing night clubs that operate all days of the week so you don’t have to wait for the weekend!1) Deja vu LoungeDeja Vu is one of the few night clubs that are open until 5am in the morning! When the rest of the city is asleep, there is this place that lives through the night. It is centrally located at Durbar Marg and is a spacious area, with proper seating

    Planning A Date? Consider These 5 Romantic Lovey-Dovey Restaurants In Kathmandu!

    Confused about where to go with your date? Check out our recommendations to these romantic restaurants with great ambiance and great food to make lasting memories with your loved ones!1) Cloud Nine cafe and loungeWhat could be better than having mouth watering food coupled with scenic view while you eat? Doing justice to the name itself, Cloud nine is located by the roof-top swimming pool and is an ideal place to unwind after a long day in Kathmandu. It offers both indoor and outdoor seating

    Tired Of Dealing With Difficult Taxi Drivers? Not Anymore! 3 Cab Services In Kathmandu You Might Not Be Aware Of Yet!

    Taxi stress has become a part of our everyday lives. From finding one that actually agrees to give us a ride to bargaining the price, nothing seems easy when it comes to hiring a taxi. Here are some cab services in Kathmandu you might not be aware of yet! Check our recommendations out and avoid the hassle looking for taxis and bargaining anymore!1) Sarathi CabSarathi Cab is Nepal’s emerging Cab booking service available exclusively 24*7 in the Kathmandu valley. You can very conveniently call

    The Most Chic Clothing Brand Forever 21 Launches Its First Store In Kathmandu!

    How many times have we all wished for international brand clothes to be readily available in Kathmandu? Always! right? So here we are now, the international brand that has its franchise in many countries across the globe, is now here in Kathmandu as well. Forever21 – How exciting is this! The brand opened its official clothing store at Phulbari Complex, Boudha. The launch was done with an elaborate runway show and was aimed at promoting quality and classy wears of brand Forever 21 in Nepal. The

    Let’s Eat Panipuri For A Noble Cause And Collect Funds For Street Dogs This Weekend!

    How many of us love panipuri? Now how many of us love dogs? So when both of these are our favorites, why not bring them together for a good cause? For the second time in a row, Krisha and her team have initiated a charity event for the welfare of street dogs. There is a little pani puri fest about to take place and the funds collected will be used for the betterment of these lovely creatures. The pani puri will be home made therefore will be absolutely hygienic. Come out this weekend and ponder

    Get Momolicious With These Mouth Watering Mo:mo Places In Kathmandu!

    Mo:mo! This one dish no one says NO to! Mo:mo has become the most popular dish in Kathmandu and why not even? There are several places in Kathmandu that serve mo:mo but check out our recommendations to these 3 amazingly innovative places that have leveled up the mo:mo picture real time. 1) Simply Bota Bota started as a small cafe offering varieties of momo with selection of chatnis to go with it. All one better than the other! Now due to its popularity and demand, it delivers a wide range of

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