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    21 Restaurants In Kathmandu To Celebrate New Year’s 2021

    We have all wanted 2020 to just end, haven’t we? 2021 is right around the corner and we've earned at least one night of celebration, with proper safety measures and precautions of course!

    Apply For Online Driving License Registration Form | A Step By Step Guide

    The Department of Transportation Management has opened online application for driving license forms since Tuesday, 29 December. Now, applicants can apply for...

    Huawei Launches Nova 8 5G Phone In December

    Huawei has launched its Nova 8 series in China. In early 2020, Huawei had introduced the Nova 7 series. Now they have...

    Top 10 Places To Visit During Winter In Nepal That Aren’t Kalinchowk

    For most people, "winter in Nepal" might immediately resonate with a trip to Kalinchowk. However, there are many other destinations that you can visit in Nepal during winter season.

    4 Restaurants To Go For A Christmas Celebration 2020

    Christmas is a time of celebration, fun and most of all, spending time with your loved ones. Combine that with some warm food to enjoy during in the cold weather and you have the recipe for a memorable festive season. So, what better way than to celebrate the day (and eve) of joy by hanging out at these Christmas themed festivities around town?

    Best Pizza Places In Kathmandu | Eat Up All The Pizzas That Come Your Way!

    Ah, yes! We tend to get driven by some real serious cravings for pizza every other day. And when that happens, we have to come to one of these places for the best pizzas in Kathmandu! 

    End 2020 On A Positive Note With Mezze’s Winterfest 2020 | #supportyourlocalbusiness

    2020 was a tough year for everyone, and one of the most devastating effects was seen on local businesses. However, there’s still...

    13 Resorts Close To Nature In Kathmandu Must Check!

    Although luxurious 5-star hotels provide top-notch standards and service, the real experience is when you stay at a beautiful resort that offers a piece of nature with a few traces that remind you of your home or village. Some popular resorts promise to provide such experiences inside the valley. 1) Gokarna Forest Resort A royal hunting ground for the kings of our nation in the past, beautiful Gokarna forest resort is located inside the protected Gokarna forest; offering you a peaceful stay and

    8 Best Movie Theaters In Kathmandu You Must Know About | Check Them Out!

    We are here with the best 5 movie theaters in Kathmandu to make it easy for you to choose!

    Top Korean Dramas Of 2020 That Kept Us Going Through Quarantine

    With the crazy year finally coming to an end, we’d like to thank kdramas for making our quarantine better. Since the beginning...

    Explore The 11 Best Picnic Spots In And Around Kathmandu Valley!

    We’re sure all of us love the idea of going somewhere nice for a picnic. Be it with friends or family, colleagues or anyone, when you have the best people with you, it is sure to be fun-filled times. So, to ease out with the stress of thinking of the best spot for picnics in and around Kathmandu, check out our recommendations to these amazing 7 picnic spots!

    Kathmandu-Delhi Flights To Continue From December 17

    Kathmandu to Delhi flights are finally continuing from December 17 after being suspended for 9 months due to Covid-19. Both Nepal and India have...


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