Some ‘Made In Nepal’ Brands That Have Been Raking the Nepalese Market!

    Everyone desires high-quality products that they can trust. However many of us are slightly reluctant to trust a product if the brand is Nepali. Most of us aren’t even conscious of this bias but we can often find it if we carefully consider our purchasing habits. Most Nepali people own items from various foreign brands such as Apple, Samsung, Reebok, NorthFace, and many more. However, some brands that are made in Nepal have been making us proud with their good quality products.

    1. Goldstar

    Gold start shoes, a made in Nepal brand

    Today, if you look at the feet of people walking along the streets of Nepal, you’re sure to spot numerous legs rocking Goldstar shoes. They were easily available in Nepal during the Maoist revolution but made a stronger pounce towards fame with 30x increase in sales by 2017. Goldstar has launched a variety of products for both men and women, old and young. They have earned a lot of praise (rightfully so) because of the quality of products they have been manufacturing on a budget. Go Goldstar!

    2. Mheecha

    Mheecha bags, made in nepal brands

    Nowadays, if you walk on the streets of Kathmandu, you are bound to see atleast 10 people carrying a Mheecha bag. Mheecha is one of the most successful brands in Nepal that have been able to appeal to a large market while making a statement at the same time. Mheecha offers simple and durable bags that you can carry with you anywhere. Their bags are often minimalistic but stylish and available in faded colors such as blue, black and grey. Their offerings include backpacks, side bags, tote bags and more. Their product name is derived from the Newari word for ‘pouch’ and they were inspired by its minimal, classy design and its strength and durability, which they’ve successfully managed to capture with their products.

    Website │https://www.mheecha.com/
    Instagram │https://www.instagram.com/mheecha/
    Facebook │ https://www.facebook.com/mheechanepal

    3. Kwality Ice Cream

    Kwality Ice Cream was one of the first Nepali Ice Cream brands and their quality has remained consistent. Their Ice Cream sandwiches (along with their Ice Creams in general) are delicious and the best you’ll find in Nepal. Kwality Ice Cream provides Ice Creams all the way from Dubai and the quality is superior from other similar brands.

    Website │N/A
    Instagram │N/A
    Facebook │ N/A

    4. LOGO

    Logo made in nepal brand clothing wear

    LOGO is an ethical clothing brand which makes clothes for men and women. The apparel are unique and fresh in style. Established in 1997, LOGO has been marketed in international platforms such as Malta, Cyprus, Vietnam, and Dubai. Since the production line is located in Nepal, they understand the style and needs of the Nepalese people making clothes that are suitable for Nepali weather and comfort. They focus on grooming the garment industry, empowering women, creating jobs and changing lives.

    Website │ https://www.logo-madeinnepal.com
    Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/logofashionindustries/
    Facebook │https://www.facebook.com/Logofashionindustries/

    5. Dochaa

    dochaa, made in nepal brand of shoes

    If you’re interested in art, culture and quality footwear, Dochha might not be a new name to you. Dochaa is a footwear brand that produces shoes which feature authentic designs that are inspired from different Nepali art, traditions, and cultures. Their products are handcrafted by local artisans and ethically made. Consider purchasing their products if you’re on the lookout for stylish yet ethnic footwear.

    Website │ https://dochaa.com/
    Instagram │ https://www.instagram.com/dochaa.nepal/
    Facebook │ https://www.facebook.com/dochaa.nepal

    6. KTM CTY

    ktm city

    Bringing the trending fashion to Nepal, KTM CTY is yet another Nepali brand that everyone is probably aware of.  Since their inception in 2013, they have expanded and currently have multiple outlets open all over the country. Their clothing are all made out of hand-picked designs, and especially created to last for a long time both in trend and quality.

    Website │ www.ktmcty.com
    Instagram │ https://www.instagram.com/ktmcty_nepal/
    Facebook │ https://www.facebook.com/ktmcty

    7. Sweet Fix

    Sweet fix, made in nepal brand

    No one can say “no” to ice cream but that rings especially true to the naturally flavoured popsicles from Sweet Fix. These popsicles have no additional coloring, artificial flavoring or unnatural additives. Made in small batches with fresh ingredients, the pricing is also much more pocket-friendly compared to the other high-quality, imported ice-creams in the market. Currently, Sweet Fix has opened stores in four locations around Kathmandu: Jhamsikhel Chowk, Jhochen, Mangalbazar, and Bhaisepati, but it can also be ordered for delivery.

    Instagram │https://www.instagram.com/sweetfixnepal/
    Facebook │https://www.facebook.com/Sweetfixnepal/

    8. Caliber Shoes

    caliber shoes, made in nepal shoe brand

    Yet another made-in-nepal footwear brand that is massively popular in Nepal. Caliber Shoes are proof that design and style does not have to come at the expense of comfort. Caliber offers an exclusive collection of functional and fashionable shoes including sports shoes, casual footwear, formal shoes, boots and many more. Their quality and designs are very good for a local brand and their stores are really a one-stop destination for quality footwear.

    Website │ www.calibershoes.com
    Instagram │ https://www.instagram.com/caliber.shoes/
    Facebook │ https://www.facebook.com/CaliberShoesNepal

    9. NoChini

    No Chini, made in nepal juice brand

    Do you like juice but are trying to stay away from preservatives? Then NoChini is here to save the day!  Being the ultimate choice for people who are choosing a healthy lifestyle, their products are 100% natural and are perfect if you’re up for a cleanse (or even if you’re not). They’re also Nepal’s first cold-pressed juice company since something like this hadn’t been done before. After its founder realized that there was nothing healthy to drink when he came from college, NoChini was created to fill this gap.

    Website │ https://www.no-chini.com/
    Instagram │ https://www.instagram.com/no_chini/
    Facebook │ https://www.facebook.com/nochini.nepal

    10. Alchi

    Alchi, Made in Nepal brand of games

    Alchi means “lazy” in Nepali, however their products are here to save you from laziness. Alchi is an e-commerce store with creative Nepali products. They mostly consists of traditional games such as Langur Bhurja but there are other unique games invented by the Alchi team. Board games such as Samrajya and Jatra are a great way to pass the time. And if you are looking for a drinking game, look no further than the card game “Bhatti”.

    Website | https://alchi.co/
    Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/alchikopasal/
    Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/alchikopasal/

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