Some ‘Made In Nepal’ Brands That Have Been Raking the Nepalese Market!

    Everyone desire high quality, quality that they can trust. People establish a sense of trust with different products; they can be assured of its quality just by looking at the brand’s name on the products. We can find multiple international brands and companies going strong inside Nepal from tech-related brands like Apple, Samsung to fashion-oriented brands like Vans, Reebok. However, some brands with the tag ‘MADE IN NEPAL’ have been making us proud.

    1) CG group ( Wai Wai)


    Wai wai, don’t we just love it? We have been enjoying these instant packets of deliciousness from the days when we were toddlers. Even our parents have fond memories of filling those pockets with Wai wai and munching on them between classes. This legendary instant noodle is a product from CG group who have established a strong foundation as a well recognized company of Nepal. The president Binod Chaudhary is the richest person in Nepal, all thanks to CG and most importantly Wai wai.

    2) Nepal Telecom


    Although the development in Nepal is not up-to-par, the development of communication is incomparable. Years earlier, a letter used to take months to reach destinations while today we can speak with people miles away within seconds. Nepal telecom, (previously known as Nepal Doorsanchar Company Ltd) has been making our lives easier by providing services like telephone communication, cellular phone communication, 3G/4G internet services and a lot more. This public company undoubtedly the biggest role to develop communication services in Nepal.

    3) Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd


    The company that has established an empire is Surya Nepal. It has been manufacturing cigarettes like Surya Legend, Surya 24 Carat, Shikhar Filter Kings, Khukuri Filter, Pilot Filter and few more. They have been customer favorite for a long time making Surya one of the top companies of Nepal. Note: Smoking kills.

    4) Goldstar


    Today, if you look at the feet of people walking along the streets of Nepal, you’re sure to spot numerous legs rocking Goldstar shoes. They were easily available in Nepal during the Maoist revolution, but made a stronger pounce towards fame with 30 increase in sales by 2017. Goldstar has launched a variety of products for men and women, old and young. They have earned a lot of praise because of the quality of products they have been manufacturing in a budget. Go Goldstar!

    5) Kantipur Media


    When it comes to the popular newspapers among Nepalese, Kantipur is probably the people’s choice. Shyam Goenka (the founder) created one of the most successful newspaper as Kantipur almost distributes 350,000 prints daily. The rating as well as the public review for this newspaper is very good as Kantipur has built a trust-worthy relationship. Kantipur has developed and advanced a lot in the field of news communication as it conveys news to the public via radio and television as well.

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