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    Best Wedding Planners In Nepal To Plan Your Dream Wedding

    Wedding planning is fun for some, but some of us want to relax on the days leading up to our big day. So, we've listed some Wedding Planners to help plan your dream wedding.

    Best Indoor Plants For Beginners

    Have you wanted to start keeping indoor plants but didn't know where to start from? We've listed some indoor plants that are perfect for beginners!

    Time To Get Fit With ‘Fit Bar’ | Nepal’s Very First Energy Bar Is Here

    Fit Industries has introduced the very first energy bar in Nepal called ‘Fit Bar’.

    The Perfect Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Your Man | 10 Businesses That Offer Great Gift Ideas

    Gifting boys for Valentine's can be tricky, but fret not! We've got the best gift ideas that would work just for you!

    Find the Perfect Gift For Your Lady For This Valentine’s | 10 Businesses That Offer Great Gift Ideas

    Wondering what to gift your lady for Valentine's Day? Here are 9 business that offer great gift ideas.

    Nepal Government Approves Emergency Use Of Covishield Vaccine For Covid-19

    Nepal Government approves emergency use of Covishield vaccine for Covid-19 patients which is being...

    6 Easy Eye Exercises For People Who Work From Home

    Working from home has increased our screen times to an all-time high and prolonged screen time can really take a toll on our bodies and especially our eyes. Here are 6 easy eye exercises for people who work from home.

    Don’t Follow Keto Diet If You Fall Under These Type Of People

    Keto or ketogenic diet is as of now, the most popular eating routine pattern among weight watchers and wellness enthusiasts.

    8 Best Locations for Wedding Photoshoot in Kathmandu

    Capture picture perfect moments in these locations on the happiest day of your life.

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