10 Restaurants in Jhamsikhel for Flavours Around the World


    Jhamsikhel, a vibrant neighbourhood in Kathmandu, has widely gained recognition as the second Thamel or Jhamel due to its popularity with tourists. Restaurants in Jhamsikhel are one of the reasons for attracting tourists from around the world. 

    We’ll explore the finest restaurants in the area, each offering a unique blend of flavours that transport diners worldwide. From the vibrant streets of Spain to the serene landscapes of Vietnam, here are the ten must-try restaurants in Jhamsikhel:

    1.El Mediterraneo

    Jhamsikhel Restaurant - El Mediterraneo

    If you’re craving Mediterranean, European, or Spanish cuisine, El Mediterraneo restaurant in Jhamsikhel is a must-go place for you.

    El Mediterraneo entices diners with its fine dining experience, offering a variety of tapas and Mediterranean cuisine. In addition to the flavourful Mediterranean cuisines, cosy ambience, quick service, and vegetarian-friendly options make it a top choice.

    Be ready to indulge yourself in the flavours of Spain with Gazpacho, Sangria, Tapas, and the iconic Paella, one of the best-reviewed dishes on the menu. 

    Confused about how to find the restaurant? Here’s link of the map to El Mediterraneo : https://maps.app.goo.gl/LJqBrrgLPurn8f7QA

    2. Pho 99

    Pho 99 - A restaurant in Jhamsikhel

    Finding a restaurant with authentic Vietnamese taste around Kathmandu is no longer a headache with Pho 99 restaurant in Jhamsikhel. 

    Pho 99 welcomes guests to a cosy haven with authentic Vietnamese cuisine, friendly staff, and a relaxing environment. The outdoor seating adds to the charm of this clean and hygienic restaurant.

    Enjoy Vietnamese culinary excellence with Pork Ribs, Papaya Salad, Summer Rolls, and Tofu Pho.

    Let me make easier for you find Pho 99 restaurant, by providing you with the location on Google map : https://maps.app.goo.gl/BcmJnK777NPrZ1b86

    3. DanRan Japanese Restaurant

    DanRan restaurant

    You no longer need to plan a trip to Japan to taste some flavourful and authentic Japanese cuisines. Jokes apart, DanRan Japanese Restaurant in Jhamsikhel leaves no stone unturned to give Japanese taste to your taste buds.

    The outdoor dining area at DanRan Japanese Restaurant offers a pleasant space to relax. With a homey feel and authentic Japanese dishes, this restaurant is known for its great service and lovely staff.

    Make sure you try Teriyaki Chicken, Goma Ae Salad, Agedashi Tofu, and Homemade Udon Noodles, the most recommended dishes from the popular Jhamsikhel restaurant. 

    You don’t actually need to worry about the exact restaurant location with this Google map link : https://maps.app.goo.gl/r8JfgfScNsAArtD79

    4. The Big O Doner Kebab

    The Big O Doner Kebab - Turkish food in Jhamsikhel

    I understand finding genuine Turkish Foods around Kathmandu is quite rare. But wait, with The Big O Doner Kebab in Jhamsikhel, you no longer need to suppress your urges for the Turkish taste along with other International and Asian Cuisines.

    Known for its signature Doner Kebab, The Big O offers incredible service, an amazing food selection, and an authentic taste of Turkey. The ambience is inviting, and the prices are affordable.

    There’s no chance that you won’t try Doner Kebab when you visit. Additionally, I insist on a refreshing Slushy along with the signature dish.

    Here’s a link that will help you get to The Big O Doner Kebab for Turkish Delights : https://maps.app.goo.gl/TZDE45xYxTqhNp6LA

    5. L’Italiano

    jhamsikhel kitchen - L'Italiano

    As the name suggests, L’Italiano is another Jhamsikhel Restaurant famous for serving authentic Italian food to diners.

    L’Italiano creates an atmosphere that relays an authentic Italian experience. The warm, inviting ambience and rich, authentic flavours set the stage for a classy and sophisticated dining experience.

    BBQ chicken, pizzas, house wine, and classic Italian lasagna are some of the dishes on the menu that I recommend you try.

    With this Google map link you don’t need to worry about the exact location of one of the famous Italian restaurant in town : https://maps.app.goo.gl/BwwYZ3uRUFDa7kRy8

    6. Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen

    Indian Restaurant in Jhasmsikhel

    With Indian, Asian, and Arabic cuisine on its menu, Tasneems’s Kings Kitchen is famous for its Bohra Muslim Halal food.

    Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen offers an authentic Bohra Muslim experience with unique flavours, great service, and a warm ambience. The staff is friendly, and the restaurant caters to various dietary preferences.

    Are you confused about what to start with when you visit? Butter Chicken, Garlic Naan, Tasneem BBQ Fish & Tandoori Chicken are at your rescue.

    Ready to try some unique Bohra Muslin foods? Here’s the Google map link for making you easier to find Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen: https://maps.app.goo.gl/Fi9znQzHTSpMSDYj8

    7. Thai Ghar

    The next on our list of Jhamsikhel restaurants is Thai Ghar, which will serve you some mouthwatering Thai dishes and other Asian foods.

    Thai Ghar provides a pleasant ambience with options for indoor and outdoor seating. It’s a great spot for families and friends, offering authentic Thai cuisine and a choice between open or closed seating.

    With Pad Thai, Papaya Salad, Dry Bak Kut Teh, and Fried Spring Rolls as the most loved dishes on its menu, you can also enjoy other wide varieties of Thai and Asian foods.

    Let me help you finding the restaurant with the Google map link : https://maps.app.goo.gl/E5kx9Ljajop6oecp9

    8. Casa Mexicana

    casa mexicana

    If you’ve been craving Mexican Food and are looking for authentic Mexican tacos, Casa Mexicana is the place to go.

    Casa Mexicana creates a pleasant atmosphere with a cute Mexican vibe. The restaurant is a little gem, offering authentic Mexican Food with vibrant colours and music.

    Tacos, Enchiladas, Barbacoa Tacos, and Pork with Salsa are must-try on the menu, along with other Mexican delicacies.

    You can find Casa Mexicana’s exact location with the help of this Google map link : https://maps.app.goo.gl/yDJoo8z8Ux913Lod8

    9. Taza (Syrian Food)

    taza syrian food in jhamsikhel

    Taza (Syrian Food) serves visitors foods rich with flavours from the Middle East and, more precisely, Syrian cuisines. 

    Known for the best Syrian Food in town with moderate pricing Taza serves good food along with friendly service. The quick service and friendly staff contribute to a fabulous dining experience.

    Make sure you keep Shawarma with Cheese, Beetroot Hummus, and Kunafeh Eshta on your priority list while you visit Taza.

    So, when are thinking of visiting Taza (Syrian Food) ? Make sure you follow this link for the exact location : https://maps.app.goo.gl/WYeT8JZk8q8z1wDk9

    10. Xithang Hotels & Chinese Cuisine

    restaurant xinthang

    There’s nothing to worry about satisfying your Chinese urges with Xithang Hotels & Chinese Cuisine, a Chinese restaurant in Jhamsikhel.

    You can enjoy Chinese dishes rich in flavour in a peaceful environment with both indoor and outdoor seating. The photogenic setting and friendly staff enhance the overall experience.

    Remember to try Kung Pao Chicken, Trao Chicken, and Mapo to satisfy your Chinese cravings.

    You can get to Xithang Hotels & Chinese Cuisine with help of this Google map link : https://maps.app.goo.gl/L8nEM8DTZLrJ1EP96

    So, are you ready to embark on a culinary adventure in Jhamsikhel, where each restaurant promises a meal and a journey around the world through flavours?

    Whether you’re looking for India’s spices, Italy’s elegance, or the Middle East’s exotic tastes, restaurants in Jhamsikhel have something for every palate. 

    Don’t miss a chance to dive into these culinary havens and let your taste buds explore the diverse and delightful world of global cuisine.

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