Savor the Flavors: Exploring the Best Restaurants in Boudha


    If you are looking to visit Boudha anytime soon, then you are exactly at the right place. This is because in this blog we will be going through some of the best restaurants in Boudha so that you do not need to look for restaurants around when you visit Boudha.

    Located at the heart of Kathmandu, Boudha is not only a cultural hub for Buddhist pilgrims but also a delight for foodies. The culturally significant area consists of restaurants that serve cuisines from different origins. Whether you’re craving oriental delicacies or continental delights, Boudha has something for everyone. 

    Here are some of the best restaurants in Boudha that you must visit:

    Lavie Garden

    lavie garden restaurant

    Lavie Garden is known for its delicious mouthwatering foods, serving delectable oriental and continental dishes. The food is delicious and healthy, and you can enjoy explicit flavors along with the superb presentation of food. 

    The restaurant offers a peaceful and cozy ambiance, making it the perfect place to unwind after a long day. The staff is gentle and polite, creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. The service is quick, and yes they have enough parking space available.

    When it comes to their must-try dishes, chicken taka tak, veg platter, and chicken wings are something on their menu, you should not be missing. Wrapping up,  Lavie Garden is suitable for every age group and offers live music, making it the perfect place for a brunch date.

    Location: Boudha Rd Ramhiti, Kathmandu

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    Roadhouse Cafe Boudha

    Roadhouse Cafe Boudha best restaurant in boudha

    Wondering if you can find Italian food in Boudha? Well, there’s no need to worry about it. Roadhouse Cafe in Boudha is one of the best places in Boudha for Pizza and a variety of Italian Food. While the food is delicious, let me tell you a secret, they also serve amazing cocktails.

    You can enjoy your dishes with the view of Boudhanath Stupa as the cafe offers an amazing view of Boudhanath Stupa from its terrace. The friendly staff along with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, supported by a spacious cozy space enhances the overall dining experience.

    One of my favorite pizzas at Roadhouse Boudha is Nepali-flavored pizza. However, I’m sure that you won’t regret trying firewood pizza. Don’t forget to try their Cheesecake too. The restaurant offers vegetarian options and can be one of the best places in Boudha to hang out with friends and families.

    Location: Stupa, Boudha, Kathmandu

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    Utpala Cafe

    Utpala Cafe boudha food

    Utpala Cafe is one of the few cafes that boasts itself of offering quality food with attention to detail. The cafe is well-known for serving high-quality dishes presented with creative flair. This vegetarian and vegan restaurant can be the best match for both your food craving and your pocket.

    Talking about the vibes at the cafe, it offers a warm and inviting atmosphere with ample open space and a garden. You can expect a quick service as the staff is friendly and welcoming, providing quick service.

    While the menu is extensive at Utpala Cafe, chili momo, falafel sandwiches, and smoothie lassi are worth trying. If you are looking for a perfect place for meetings, work, and gatherings, Utpala would be a perfect place. Not to forget there are buffet options available too.

    Location: Pawo Gompa Road, Boudha, Kathmandu

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    The Chiya Spot

    The Chiya Spot Boudha

    Looking for a place to just have a sip of tea in Boudha? In that case, look no further than The Chiya Spot which offers delightful blended chiya flavors that are perfectly cooked. They have multiple dishes and an extensive menu with a wide variety of tea choices.

    I’m sure you’ll not only find the tea a bit different but their place is unique too. The place gives Arabian vibes, and the ambience is amazing. It is a quiet place with decent and polite staff offering excellent service.

    While the name suggests that the place serves tea only, the reality is different. They serve some of the best Chicken Tender, Nutty Chiya, Musang Aloo, and Kebab. So, don’t forget to try them when you visit. Perfect for photography, chiya, and guff, with indoor games that you can play with your group, it can be the best place for you to hang out.

    Location: Phulbari- Ramhiti, Boudha Road

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    Ananda Tree House Cafe

    Ananda Tree house cafe boudha

    There’s no chance we miss Ananda Tree House cafe on our list of best restaurants in Boudha. Aananda Tree House Cafe is another cafe in Boudha that offers excellent healthy food options, making it the perfect place for vegan dishes, pastries, coffee, and drinks. At Ananda, you can expect fresh and tasty food and drinks.

    The cafe has a welcoming and attentive staff, with a warm and cozy space full of indoor plants, providing you with a closer look at nature. Moreover, it is an artistic cafe with a lot of indoor plants inside it.

    While the menu has a lot of dishes and drinks to try I would recommend you to try chocolate cake, matcha latte, thukpa, and Nettle Cake. I’m sure the calm aesthetic interiors along with the availability of gluten-free and vegan options will make your dining experience wonderful.

    Location: Phulbari- Ramhiti, Boudha Road

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    Ramsterdam Cafe

    Ramsterdam cafe

    With Chinese, Asian, Tibetan, and Nepali cuisines on its menu, Ramsterdam Cafe serves fresh and delicious foods. The restaurant has a diverse menu of foods that are reasonably priced and you might find the cafe giving good local vibes.

    Ramsterdam Cafe offers indoor and outdoor seating arrangements, with a welcoming atmosphere, great music, and a unique ambiance. The service is quick and the staff are trained enough to make you comfortable.

    Apple Momo and soupy noodles with momo are some of the dishes on the menu that you must try. To sum up, Ramsterdam Cafe is one of the best places for hangouts and chit-chat. Not to forget, the place has live music too. 

    Location: Ramhiti, Boudha Road

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    Luma Restaurant

    Luma Restaurant

    Luma Restaurant serves mouthwatering Asian and European dishes, with authentic Chinese dishes at a reasonable price. With a decent variety in the food menu, Luma is the perfect place to visit Boudha for your Asian and Chinese cravings. 

    The restaurant offers a nice, small, and cozy space, making it one of the best Asian fusion restaurants. The service is proper, and the ambience is peaceful, also you can enjoy a good view of the stupa from the restaurant.

    There’s no doubt that Luma has one of the best oyster mushroom bao, gua bao, hot and sour soup noodles in Boudha. So, make sure you try them on your visit. The restaurant offers multiple seating arrangements along with rooftop seating with an open terrace and quick service.

    Location: Boudhanath Road, Kathmandu

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    Pho 99

    Pho 99 restaurant food

    The other restaurant that is popular for serving Asian and Vietnamese dishes is Pho 99. It features Asian and Vietnamese foods, with an extensive menu of authentic Vietnamese cuisines. The food is delicious and the portions are satisfying as well.

    The restaurant offers a stunning view of Boudhanath, amazing hospitality, and a lovely ambience. The staffs are well trained and mannered, ready to serve you at any time. .

    The pork items at Pho 99 are something that I’m quite a fan of.  Pho, BBQ pork, pork ribs, and pork chops are the ones that are worth trying. Pho 99 offers vegetarian and vegan options, with an amazing view of the Boudhanath stupa from the window.

    Location: Boudhanath Road, Kathmandu

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    Aema-K best restaurant in boudha

    Last on our list of best restaurants in Boudha is Aema-K. It has a variety of dishes on the menu, serving delicious foods. They serve Chinese as well as continental foods, with amazing hot pots.

    The restaurant offers hospitable service, a peaceful atmosphere, and astonishing and unique interior designs. It has a European ambiance with cozy Greecian vibes, that I doubt you’ll usually find in other restaurants. 

    Pan Fried Mushrooms and Spicy Chicken Wings are something on the menu that deserves a try. Not to forget, Aema-K offers outdoor seating with a nice view of the Boudhanath stupa from the terrace and ample parking space.

    Location: Phulbari-6, Boudha, Kathmandu

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    Wrapping Up!

    Whether it be the famous Italian Pizza or the Chinese Authentic Hotpot, restaurants at Boudha have them all. From delicious pork ribs at Pho 99 to just a cup of flavourful tea at The Chiya Spot, you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes enjoying the beautiful view of the Boudhanath Stupa. 

    I’m sure that this blog will help you find the place that perfectly suits your cravings. 

    So, when are you thinking of visiting these wonderful eateries at Boudha? 

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