8 Fun Date Ideas To Try In Kathmandu That Do Not Involve Food

    Do all your date ideas involve roaming around and then entering a restaurant to eat food with your bae? Here are 8 dates to try out that do not involve food.

    10 Safest Trek Destinations In Nepal For Solo Female Travellers

    Trekking is a lifetime experience so taking the risk to travel solo is the best thing you can ever do. Here are 10 trekking destinations that are safe for solo women travellers.

    Top 10 Places To Visit During Winter In Nepal That Aren’t Kalinchowk

    For most people, "winter in Nepal" might immediately resonate with a trip to Kalinchowk. However, there are many other destinations that you can visit in Nepal during winter season.

    13 Resorts Close To Nature In Kathmandu Must Check!

    Although luxurious 5-star hotels provide top-notch standards and service, the real experience is when you stay at a beautiful resort that offers a piece of nature with a few traces that remind you of your home or village. Some popular resorts promise to provide such experiences inside the valley. 1) Gokarna Forest Resort A royal hunting ground for the kings of our nation in the past, beautiful Gokarna forest resort is located inside the protected Gokarna forest; offering you a peaceful stay and

    Explore The 11 Best Picnic Spots In And Around Kathmandu Valley!

    We’re sure all of us love the idea of going somewhere nice for a picnic. Be it with friends or family, colleagues or anyone, when you have the best people with you, it is sure to be fun-filled times. So, to ease out with the stress of thinking of the best spot for picnics in and around Kathmandu, check out our recommendations to these amazing 7 picnic spots!

    Sail Above The Ground In These Amazing Hot Air Balloons In Pokhara! Very Affordable!

    Image source: THTThroughout Nepal, you can find a lot of entertaining things that attract both national as well as international tourists.

    Know More about the Char Narayan Temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu’s Narayan form!

    \Nepal is a very religious country and Kathmandu is no less. With over 6000 small and big temples within the valley, you can imagine how valuable gods and goddesses are to the people. Lord Vishnu, one of the chief gods of Hinduism is worshipped in many shrines around the capital.

    Amazing Short Trekking/Hiking Destinations Around Kathmandu!

    A day spent trekking through various terrains & wildlife refreshes your soul and recharges your body. Trekking makes you a part of the nature, letting you take a break from long hours at work or boring moments on that couch at home. Not only do treks benefit physical abilities enhancing your overall fitness, it also invites you to the natural world of peace and purity. You’ll end up adding more memorable pictures to your albums as you meet a number many people with interesting personalities and

    What Makes Kathmandu So Festive? These Overwhelming Jatras Of Course!

    Culture and traditions vary from place to place, yet every cultural and traditional event brings different experiences with them. In Kathmandu, various cultural festivals are celebrated among huge crowds of locals who gather together with traditional beliefs of their own. Then there come Jatras, maybe the largest street carnival in Nepal, mostly of Newari culture but are enjoyed by thousands. The colossal mass of people who gather to respect and continue their old traditions with chants, cheers,

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