Must Try: 11 Best Restaurants in Thamel


    There’s no question that Thamel is one of the most popular tourist hubs in Kathmandu. Known for its narrow passages lined with restaurants, shops, and hotels thamel is one of the busiest streets in town. 

    While every street in Thamel is vibrant, have you sometimes wondered where’s the best place to eat in Thamel? Well, that’s nothing surprising. With so many dining options, it can be difficult to find out where to go. So, to help you figure out some of the best places to eat, here are the 11 best restaurants in Thamel you must try on your visit to Thamel:

    1. Forest and Plate

    Forest and Plate restaurant

    Located on Mandala Street, Forest and Plate serves Nepali and Continental cuisine with a perfect blend of flavors along with satisfying portions. What adds to the blend of flavors is the restaurant’s calm ambiance and welcoming staff. 

    You’ll find the rooftop restaurant an ideal stop for a relaxed dining experience because of its calm atmosphere, pleasant vibes, and a touch of greenery. 

    With plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, it’s a great choice for diners of all diets. Make sure you try salads, momos, cheeseballs, and pasta which are among the most recommended foods on Forest and Plate’s menu.

    Location: Mandala Street, Thamel 

    Find Forest and Plate: Facebook

    2. Nepalaya Rooftop Restaurant 

    Nepalaya restaurant in thamel

    Nepalaya Rooftop Restaurant in Thamel is a rooftop gem for delicious Indian, Italian, Tibetan, Asian, and Nepali food. Not only the restaurant encompasses a variety of dishes in the menu I’m sure you’ll be amazed by their unique presentation. 

    Located on the top floor of Hotel Nepalaya, you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view along with the dishes. With professional staffs, a relaxing atmosphere, and a friendly ambiance, Nepalaya makes it possible for you to create a memorable dining experience. 

    The restaurant goes beyond the regular cuisines with Yogic and Ayurvedic food on its menu. While you can choose dishes from the menu as you like, I would recommend you to try Biryani and Nepali Thali set on your visit. 

    Location: Kwabahal-17, Thamel 

    Find Nepalaya Rooftop Restaurant: Web | Facebook 

    3. French Creperie

    French Creperie Restaurant

    French Creperie is one of Thamel’s popular restaurants known for its authentic and delicious crepes and galettes. The restaurant has its menu full of authentic French galettes, freshly prepared and full of flavor.

    It’s a charming garden cafe with an outdoor setting that attracts a lot of visitors. With quick service and foods that are value for money, French Creperie can be a perfect place for your breakfast in Thamel. 

    The menu at French Creperie offers plenty of gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan choices. The French press coffee and buckwheat crepes in the restaurant are worth trying.

    Location: Chibahal Marg 26, Thamel 

    Find French Creperie: Facebook

    4. Avocado Cafe Thamel  

    Avocado cafe best restaurant in thamel

    Next on our list of best restaurants in Thamel is Avocado Cafe on Thamel Marg that goes beyond its name with diverse cuisines and fresh ingredients. The menu at Avocado Cafe Thamel features a diverse selection of dishes from all over the world. 

    At Avocado you can experience an inviting and delightful atmosphere with charming and cozy surroundings. The restaurant offers a delightful open-air atmosphere with a spacious seating arrangement. Also, I’m sure that the friendly staff will make sure you have a wonderful dining experience.

    If you are looking for Vegan and vegetarian options, then Avocado has it on its menu too. Let me tell you a secret, avocado salad and eggs benedict are among the must-try dishes of the cafe. 

    Location: Thamel Marg, Thamel 

    Find Avocado Cafe Thamel: Facebook 

    5. Coffee Ghar

    coffee ghar

    Wait, are you just looking for a place to have a nice sip of coffee? If so is the case then Coffee Ghar in the heart of Thamel, serves great coffee alongside sweets, pastries, and drinks. 

    The cozy cafe is adorned with a beautiful courtyard, creating the perfect atmosphere for coffee lovers. The quiet place with traditional vintage-style wooden architecture can be a perfect place for you to have chit-chat or to read books. 

    Although you have the option to choose from a wide variety of cakes to make your taste buds dance with sweetness. Make sure you try the apple cinnamon or carrot cake, one of my favorites on the menu.

    Location: Pakanjol, Thamel

    Find Forest and Plate: Instagram

    6. Gaia Restaurant and Coffee Shop

    gaia restaurant and coffee shop in thamel

    There’s no way we miss Gaia on the list of top restaurants in Thamel. Gaia located at Jyatha in Thamel is known for its fresh and tasty food, artfully crafted with locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant boasts a menu with a fusion of Nepali and Western cuisines. 

    Gaia offers a good ambience with both indoor and outdoor seating. The polite staff, quick services, library, garden, and wall decorations will no doubt make your dining experience quite pleasant.

    Gluten-free and vegan options at Gaia make it a place if you are on specific diet requirements. Salad, pad thai, lasagna, and pizza are some dishes that you won’t regret trying. 

    Location: Jyatha, Thamel

    Find Gaia: Web | Facebook 

    7. Rosemary Kitchen

    rosemary kitchen in thamel

    I admit that there are only a few restaurants in Thamel that serve dishes with well-balanced flavors. One among them is Rosemary Kitchen on J P Marg. The restaurant has an extensive menu with a variety of cuisine styles and offers fresh and delicious foods.

    Rosemary Kitchen provides a calm and cozy environment with courteous staff. The open-air seating and a cozy terrace along with quick service make it a convenient spot for lunch and dinner. 

    You can choose dishes as you like from their diverse menu. However, my top picks from Rosemary Kitchen include rosemary chicken, grilled fish, and tiramisu.  

    Location: J P Marg, Thamel 

    Find Rosemary Kitchen: Web | Facebook 

    8. Third Eye

    Third eye restaurant in thamel

    If you are looking for Indian cuisine around Thamel then look no further than Third Eye. Known best for Indian cuisine, Third Eye on J.P. Road offers authentic Indian, Continental, and Nepali flavors with generous portions.

    What comes along with flavourful dishes is its sitting areas. Third Eye boasts a separate garden, sitting, dining, and rooftop areas where you can enjoy your favorite dishes comfortably.

    Third Eye has an extensive array of vegetarian options making it a vegetarian-friendly restaurant. Some of the items on the menu that you can’t miss are chicken tikka masala, naan, and butter chicken. 

    Location: J.P. Road, Thamel

    Find Third Eye: Web | Facebook

    9. Or2K 

    or2k restaurant in thamel

    Or2K on Mandala Street is another restaurant on our list of restaurants in Thamel. It serves tasty food, drinks, and desserts with a focus on authentic Middle Eastern flavors. 

    The restaurant stands unique among others due to its seating arrangements. Visitors are required to open their shoes and sit on the floor with cushions and pillows. You can relax on floor cushions in their chill atmosphere and enjoy your meals.

    Vegan options are available in the restaurant.  Make sure you try the hummus, falafel burger, and cocktails when you get a chance to visit Or2K.

    Location: Mandala Street, Thamel  

    Find Forest, and Plate: Facebook

    10. Black Olives Cafe

    Black olives cafe in thamel

    The other must-visit restaurant in Thamel is Black Olives Cafe on Chaksibari Marg. Black Olives Cafe stands out with its variety of dishes, including Nepali cuisine. The extensive menu at Black Olives caters to all tastes and appetites at fair prices

    You can enjoy your meal outdoors as the cafe has an outdoor courtyard area with a beautiful garden. The decent staff offers quality service, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

    The cafe gives chilly vibes in the morning and no doubt has one of the romantic vibes in the evening due to its live music. The bacon cheeseburger, steaks, and fish dishes are something that you should not be missing out.

    Location: Chaksibari Marg, Thamel 

    Find Forest and Plate: Facebook

    11. Yin Yang 

    Ying yang in Thamel

    Last on our list of best restaurants in Thamel is Yin Yang on J.P. Road. The restaurant is best known for its authentic Thai cuisine. However, it also serves International and Indian cuisines. 

    Yin Yang has a big enough space with outdoor space with a nice patio. Comfortable seating arrangements along with good customer service add to the overall dining experience.

    Green curry, tempura prawns, and coconut ice cream are some of the dishes on the menu that you won’t regret trying out. 

    Location: J.P. Road, Thamel 

    Find Yin Yang: Web | Facebook


    From rooftops to cozy corners, restaurants in Thamel offer visitors cuisines from all over the world. But when it comes to choosing a restaurant that offers both vibe and flavourful foods, it’s quite confusing.

    I’m sure that with this blog, you’ll no longer be confused about where to eat next time you visit Thamel. From Forest and Plate to Yin Yang, you have restaurants to choose from and try out that matches your taste perfectly.

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