31 BEST Picnic Spots In And Around Kathmandu Valley!

    We’re sure all of us love the idea of going somewhere nice for a picnic. Be it with friends or family, colleagues, or anyone, when you have the best people with you, it is sure to be fun-filled times. So, to ease out with the stress of thinking of the best spot for picnics in and around Kathmandu, check out our recommendations to these amazing 31 picnic spots!

    1. Godawari

    Godawari-garden-top picnic spot in kathmandu
    Photo by: Hari Paudyel
    It is one of the holy places and is more often known for its Botanical Garden. The Godawari Botanical Garden can be your choice for a picnic spot if you are fond of flowers and garden. This place is also a popular location for wedding photoshoots. It is located 10 km southeast of Lalitpur. You will have a chance to enjoy the greenery, forest, fish hatchery, a lovely walk and a peaceful environment! Besides this, you can also enjoy a visit to the numerous ponds and temples situated here.

    2. Nagarkot

    A view of Nagarkot, a picnic spot in Kathmandu

    Nagarkot has a reputation as the top spot for enjoying Himalayan views from the comfort of your hotel balcony. Just 32km from Kathmandu, a picnic in Nagarkot offers possible views of the Himalaya, with eight ranges visible. It is also the most visited place for sunrise viewing, birdwatching, cycling and hiking around Kathmandu. People from around the world come to enjoy the scenic view so why not you?

    3. Balaju Water Garden

    Balaju Water Garden

    If you want your picnic spot somewhere inside the valley then Balaju water garden situated in Balaju can be the best choice for you. The park is famous for twenty-two stone water taps, popularly known as Baes Dhaara. A beautiful garden and pond can add pleasure to your picnic. This place is also a perfect picnic spot for families as there are wide, green spaces where children can run around and play.

    4. Tribhuvan Park

    Tribhuvan Park

    Looking for a nice and quiet place to spend some quality time around Kathmandu? Tribhuvan Park, the oldest park in the region, has been offering a calm environment for all who want to get away from the crowded city. It is situated at Thankot and is just around 15 minutes’ drive from Kalanki.

    5. Kakani

    Kakani is one of the scenic picnic spots around kathmandu

    Another favourite picnic spot can be Kakani. Just 23 km to the northwest of Kathmandu, it offers an excellent view of mountains like Ganesh Himal, the Langtang and Annapurna range. This picnic spot around Kathmandu is one of the best places for a day outing with family. Nature lovers will be fascinated when they see the beautiful oaks and rhododendron forests. A great spot over all!

    6. Bajra Barahi temple

    Forest in kathmandu, a picnic spot for families

    The best thing about this spot is that this place is full of biodiversity despite its small area.
    More than 48 types of birds can be spotted here along with 166 varieties of flora which grows within the forest premises. A holy temple of the goddess Bajra Barahi is situated within and it takes only an hour to reach the spot form the heart of the Kathmandu. It can be a decent choice for a short trip for a picnic!

    7. Changunarayan

    Changunarayan is a great spot for a picnic in kathmandu

    Just 4 km from Bhaktapur, Changunarayan is a peaceful spot with lots of heritage. Besides picnic, you may also view one of the finest pagoda style temples of Nepal. You will get the pleasure of visiting the forest of Champak trees as well. The ancient Hindu temple of Changu Narayan is located on a high hilltop that is also known as Changu or Dolagiri. This place is suitable for a picnic as well as catching up on your knowledge of history.

    8. Dhulikhel

    Dhulikhel-Devisthan, a picnic spot in Kathmandu

    Dhulikhel is located 30 km away from Kathmandu Valley. It is one of the top picnic spots around Kathmandu and also one of the most popular weekend getaways. The views from Dhulikhel are just mesmerizing so it is a great spot for picnics. 

    9. Kulekhani

    Kulekhani a picnic spot around Kathmandu

    Kulekhani is a hydroelectricity dam in Makwanpur district which is around 40 km away from Kathmandu. It is very popular for its views, the reservoir lake and fishing. It is one of the nearest places from Kathmandu for picnics, a night out and camping. 

    10. Lakuri Bhanjyang

    a beautiful sunset at Lakuri Bhanjyang, a picnic spot in kathmandu

    Lakuri Bhanjyang is a hill station located on the south-east corner of the Kathmandu valley. Lakuri Bhanjyang is located just 15 km away from Kathmandu and is popular among locals for picnics and for some fresh air. It is also a good destination for a one day hike. This place also provides paragliding and has recently become a popular destination for cycling as well.

    11. Shivapuri National Park

    Waterfalls at Shivapuri, a picnic spot in kathmandu

    Shivapuri National Park is located in the north side of Kathmandu Valley. This place is popular as a hiking and picnic spot in Kathmandu. It is the perfect place for you to experience nature and to get a quiet escape from the city. Shivapuri is the second-highest among the hills surrounding Kathmandu so you can also enjoy a panoramic view of Kathmandu on a clear day. If you are lucky, you might even be able to see the beautiful snow-capped mountains. What’s a better combination than a great view, great weather and a fun picnic? 

    12. Dolalghat


    Dolalghat is a lovely place to relax and indulge in recreational activities such as fishing, picnics, and sightseeing. The view of the snowy mountains, the sunset, and the sunrise is exceptional from here. If the sight of water relaxes you, then we highly recommend having a picnic on the sandy riverbank of the Sun Koshi river.

    13. Pilot Baba

    Pilot Baba Temple

    Apart from being a great hiking trail, Pilot Baba Ashram also makes for a great picnic spot near Kathmandu. Next to the Somnath Temple, there is a great place to relax and appreciate the greenery and fresh air on the hilltop. While you do need to pay an entry fee, the beautiful scenery from up there makes it worth it.

    14. Dakshinkali

    Dakishinkali Temple

    Dakshinkali is a temple dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali and located about 22 kms from the valley. While Dakshinkali is usually considered a place of worship, the lush greenery also makes it a great picnic spot in Kathmandu. However, it’s probably wise to pick a day that has the least crowd if you want a private experience (avoid Saturdays and Tuesdays).

    15. Namo Buddha

    Namo Buddha

    This place has been a long favourite trekking/hiking destination for Kathmandu residents. There is something inherently charming about the golden top pagodas here. If you like elements of Buddhist culture, you’ll really enjoy yourself. The place is also spotless and extremely well maintained. They have notice boards in certain places which might let you know about the history of the place. The view from the top of the hill is also absolutely beautiful.

    16. Sundarijal


    What’s a better place for a picnic than a green area next to a waterfall? While this place is mostly known for its hiking trail, it is not uncommon to see family and friends having picnics in this area. This trail itself is lovely with a lot of flora and fauna

    17. Chobhar Hill

    Chobhar Hill

    The Chobar hill is almost an iconic picnic destination among Kathmandu residents. I’m sure most of us are already familiar with the legend surrounding that place but for those of us who aren’t: back when Kathmandu Valley was a lake surrounded by hills, a Chinese saint named Manjushree cut a gorge near Chobhar to drain the lake because he believed a divine lotus to be at the center. You can also explore the area and visit the Manjushree cave if you decide to have a picnic here. A bit ahead, there lies the Taudaha lake which you can also visit.

    18. Chandragiri

    Chandragiri Temple With Mountain View

    Chandragiri is the latest up and coming outing destination for Kathmandu folks. The temple that lies atop the hill can only be reached by cable car, but most of us don’t go there for the temple as much as we do for the park and the view. This place is especially encouraged to visit during the winter since you may get a chance to witness snowfall or see the beautiful snow-capped mountains that outline our valley.

    19. Manakamana

    Manakamana Cable Car

    Another cable car destination. Manakamana is not a name that comes up often when we talk about picnic destinations around Kathmandu, which is a shame because it really should. The cable car travels up the Trishuli River and the view of the green hills is amazing. You can have your picnic in the Trishuli riverside or up the temple itself. The temple area is also lively with hotels, lodges, and shops that even non-religious people are sure to have fun.

    20. Pataleban


    Pateleban is another area with lush greenery. The green slopes attract a lot of animals and rare birds. It’s also a fairly short drive of about an hour from Kathmandu.

    You can even visit the Pataleban Vineyard Resort to relax and unwind with your friends and family. The resort has a lovely garden and a lovely view. Try visiting on a sunny day.

    21. Gokarna

    Gokarna Temple

    The Gokarna Mahadev temple area also makes for a great picnic spot. The area features plots of green land with tall, evergreen trees that have picnic areas. There are also many parks in the area that you can visit such as Jhanda Park and Sahid Smarak Park. You can also visit the Gokarna Forest Resort if you’re up for a luxurious experience.

    22. Daman

    Daman View

    The view stretching from Dhaulagiri to Everest alone is worth the visit to Daman. But more than that, you can also find different varieties of the rare Laliguras flowers in bloom during the spring and a snowy wonderland in the winter. It’s the perfect escape from the loud city life.

    23. Sanga


    Most of us have probably heard the name even if we haven’t visited the place itself. This is where the world’s tallest statue of Lord Shiva is situated. It also has a nice park which is appropriate for family visits. You can also visit the other temples there and click tons of pictures as the area is very well kept.

    24. Panauti


    This is the destination for history lovers. Panauti is one of the oldest towns in Nepal and that is well reflected by the architecture. There are a lot of small and obscure temples you can visit alongside the big ones such as the Indreshwar Temple. You can enjoy a nice cup of tea and enjoy the fresh air while sitting on the steps of the pagodas here.

    25. Sankha Park

    Sankha Park

    This is a great picnic spot if you’re not looking for long drives and destinations outside the city. Located near the Chappal Karkhana in Kathmandu, this has lately been the go to place for picnics, morning walks, and get-togethers. Despite being located near the Ring Road, this little park is quaint and a great escape from the usual city bustle.

    26. Karya Binayak

    Karya Binayak

    Surrounded by a lush green forest on top of a small hill, this is truly a gem of a picnic spot. Although a certain fee is required to book a picnic spot, it’s well worth it as you’ll realize. The nearby Khokana town is a great picnic destination as well and carries historical significance. The Rato Machindra temple is also a great attraction if you’re a culture enthusiast.

    27. Bandipur

    Bandipur Tourist Place

    Being one of the most beautiful towns in Nepal, Bandipur is famous for its cultural beauty. Situated on a hilltop, it offers a spectacular view of the Annapurna Range along with the Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, and Langtang. Apart from all this, Bandipur is just a cute little town with some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. We recommend visiting during the summer.

    28. Sallaghari 


    This picnic spot is nice and refreshing and surrounded by pine trees. If you’re looking for a day of relaxation without having to leave the city, then this might be the place for you. While it has no view, it does have an open space where you can hang out and have fun with your friends.

    29. Palanchowk

    Palanchowk Temple

    Palanchowk is mostly known for the Palanchowk Bhagwati temple that attracts worshippers from various parts of the country. However, the area also makes for a fun picnic spot. The area next to the temple is open and gives a nice view from up the hill which makes it ideal for a picnic. However, you should avoid festival seasons, especially Dashain if you want some peace and quiet.

    30. Jarsingpauwa


    If you want a quiet getaway then you’ll have fun here. This place is known for being a simple hiking trail, but the picnic spot has also been gaining popularity. This place is nice and covered with trees, which makes it ideal for bird watching too. Jarsingpauwa is also home to different types of gardens with tea and paddy being the more popular ones. The view of lush greenery from the hills is a lovely thing to experience.

    31. Manakamana Temple – Lele

    Manakamana Temple

    Located in a VDC of Southern Lalitpur, this temple is not to be confused with the Manakamana Temple that appeared earlier in our list. This region was already a somewhat well-known hiking and biking trail but the temple surrounding it is also becoming one of the more popular picnic destinations. The picnic spots around this area can get a bit crowded during weekends and festivals, so it is advised to visit on a less busy day.

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