5 Blues and Jazz Bands You’ll Get To Hear In This Edition Of KBNR


    In case you haven’t heard, Kathmandu Blues ‘n’ Roots, the biggest blues festival in Nepal is happening this October 22nd, Saturday. There are just a few more days left for the event as we begin the countdown. 

    While you’re busy making plans to attend this exciting event, here’s a list of 5 national and international bands that you will get to listen to in this edition of KBNR:  

    Satish Sthapit Blues Explosion 

    Satish Sthapit Blues Explosion is a Hard Rock band influenced by Blues, Punk and Grunge. The band is led by Satish Sthapit on guitars and vocals who is also the lead guitarist of the popular band Newaz.

    The Midnight Riders 

    A trio band from Kathmandu, the Midnight Riders have been keeping the spirit of the blues alive in Nepal since 2009. Consisting of Jimi Blues on guitars and vocals, Sunny Mahat on bass and Jay Ram Karki on drums. They have played a plethora of different genres  with an ever-changing line-up for the better part of a decade before trying its hands on some originals. They released a blues album in 2019 called, “Baiguni lai blues ley marnnu parcha”. 

    Blues Undercover and Friends 

    Blues Undercover and Friends often express joy, sadness, pain, temptation, love, hatred, and other emotions in their music. Their music features catchy choruses that will stick in your head for days or weeks after you hear them. Get ready to blow your socks off with their expert playing!


    Bluezigan’s music is emotional and soulful, perfect for those who want something with depth that goes beyond traditional blues melodies. They have received critical acclaim, and are known for their powerful performances. If you’re looking for something quick but easy to enjoy, you’ll love Bluezigan. You’re guaranteed a great show when you see them live!

    El Profundo’s CIRCUS 

    Even if you’re not a fan of the blues genre, El Profundo’s Circus is the one band that you should listen to. Their soulful style will appeal to fans of classic blues music. Their live performances and legendary jam sessions are noteworthy. El Profundo’s Circus mixes classical elements into their songs, giving them an added depth and complexity that many blues and jazz lovers may appreciate as well!

    Get ready for an electrifying performance from these musicians on Saturday at the Kathmandu Blues ‘n’ Roots music festival!

    Event Details

    What | Kathmandu Blues and Roots Festival 
    When | 22nd October, 2022, Saturday 
    Where | Hardik Fitness Club, Pulchowk, Lalitpur 
    Timings | 3:00PM to 9:00 PM
    Ticket Price | Rs 499, early bird tickets Rs 299. Buy from Khalti or Kgarira!

    Visit their official Facebook page or Instagram for more info!

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