5 Lesser Known Facts about Kathmandu Valley You Must Know!

    We all know what Kathmandu is now and how it has evolved as a city full of hustle and bustle! It is the most preferred city to live in for most (apart for the ones who’d prefer to live away from pollution!) This is the present, but do you know what it was like in the past? We have brought some interesting facts to you about Ancient Kathmandu. Here we go!
    1. City of Glory and Temples

    We all already know it but let us tell this one more time! The number of temples were even more before the devastating Earthquake 2072. Do you know Kathmandu is known as the City of Thousand Temples around the world? This surely adds to our glory. Not just that, it was initially names after our beloved temple ‘Kasthmandap’.
    2. A Lake Turned City

    It has been scientifically proven that Kathmandu used to be a lake for a long behind. We have often heard it from our seniors and ancestors which we often take as as mythology but it is not so. Geologists have proven it.
    3. Trade Route

    Though Kathmandu is in the central part of Nepal and is not a trade route actually in present but it had served as trade route for Tibet connecting to India. It has played very crucial role in exchange of Hindu Culture with Buddhist Culture together with art, architecture, skills, etc.
    4. Freak Street

    You may have heard the name or may live here. Freak Street was a hub for smoking, drinking, taking drugs and other habits which were right in the ancient Kathmandu but is bad in today’s context. During the hippie era, this was one of the most loved destinations and now is very rightfully known as Freak Street.
    5. Kathmandu in American Music

    A well-known American lyricist, composer & singer, Bob Seger released a song named ‘Katmandu’ which is Kathmandu in fact, in his album ‘Beautiful Looser’. He thinks Kathmandu as the place where he wants to live out of his musical & media world. Through his song, the point of view of foreign people about Kathmandu can be known.
    Pradip Karki
    Pradip Karki
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