5 Life Hacks You Should Definitely Know Of!

    Life is lengthy and tedious and along with all the millions of activities you do each day to be a day older, a few sprinkles of life hacks here and there works wonders to simplify the tasks you do while enjoying the bright side of your life. Here at Oye Ktm, we present to you the best 5 life hacks and tricks you probably didn’t know of, but we bet you can’t resist trying them right away!

    1) The ‘4-7-8’ miracle

    ‘4-7-8’ is an acronym for a set of breathing procedures where you inhale for 4 seconds, hold the breath for 7 seconds and let it out slowly for 8 seconds. Repeat this procedure thrice for effective results. Goodbye sleeping pills!. Well, at least that’s what sleep doctors say. Basically, it’s a breathing technique that calms down your nerves, clears off your congested brain and brings a ‘tranquilizer’ effect, making it easier for you to sleep on those tough days.

    2) Toothpaste, the Jack of all Trades!

    Yes, toothpaste. While it already does a great job of cleaning your stained teeth and vanish your stinky breath, it does more than that. There are numerous powerful uses of toothpaste that you’ve perhaps never heard of. Here are some:
    •Use it to clear scratches off your phone screen. Simply spread a small amount across your phone’s screen with a cotton ball or soft cloth and rinse it off with a little moisture. Clean as new!
    •Use it as a sticky gum. It’s chemical properties and consistency resembles that of a gum to some extent and so, in cases where you need to stick a paperwork or two on your wall, use toothpaste the same way you use a gum and BAAMM!, the papers will defy gravity!
    •Use it to cure pimples and zits. It’s antibacterial properties work really well to kill the pimple-causing bacteria. Apply a considerate amount before sleeping right on your pimple and rinse off in the morning.
    •Use it to remove clothing stains. Really effective at removing lipstick stains, ink spots and even grass stains off your clothes in no time. Make sure you cover the stained area of the fabric completely with toothpaste and then rub vigorously and launder as usual.

    3) The ‘Instant Freezing’ trick aka ‘The Chill’ hack

    This little trick helps you make a bottle of wine or beer ice-cold really quick. Usual refrigeration can take around an hour to do so, but add in this hack and you won’t have to wait for the extra 45 minutes to get your beverage chilled. Before putting those bottles inside your fridge, wrap a wet paper towel (or toilet paper, no joke) around it’s body completely and that’s it. So next time your friends are in for a party and you don’t wanna make them wait for cold drinks, this trick is for you! (Thanks us later!)

    4) Dry your clothes instantly!

    This trick is really handy when you’re in a hurry but your favorite T-shirt is still wet, drying in the sun outside. Take a dry towel, put your wet garment over it and roll it up. Take the roll and squeeze it hard to drain excess water out. You should notice reduced moisture in the clothing. Next, dry it up as usual and within a few minutes, it should be completely dry and ready-to-wear, which would’ve taken thrice the time otherwise.

    5) The Healing power of Acupressure!


    With hundreds of millions of practitioners all around the globe, the use of acupressure dates back to the ancient Chinese traditions. According to the practitioners, our body contains several imaginary pathways called ‘meridians’ spread across and in each pathway flows an energy which they call ‘Qi’ (pronounced ‘chi’). Any alterations or disturbances in the flow of Qi results in diseases, be it physical or mental. To maintain the proper flow of Qi, they use techniques like acupuncture and acupressure. Both rely on a same principle; applying consistent pressure to several body parts called ‘acupressure points’ to obstruct the blood flow. You can read more about it here.
    Acupressure can be done by simply stimulating and applying firm pressure on acupressure points with your finger(s) or any blunt object for about 60 seconds to 5 minutes. Here are some few useful acupressure points for you to try out!
    •B10 or Bladder 10: This point is called the Heavenly Pillar, and it is situated one finger width below the base of the skull on the prominent muscle present one-half inch outside of the spine. It is proven to be effective for eliminating nervousness, palpitations and overall anxiety level in general. Apply enough pressure with your thumb on the point for 1-2 minutes. Repeat if needed.
    •Third Eye point: Located between your eyebrows just where your nose bridge meets the forehead, regular stimulation of this point has been proven to yield mental, physical and spiritual benefits. Moreover, some even claim improved skin complexion and texture.
    •P6 or Pericardium 6: This point is positioned in the middle of the inner side of the forearm, two and one-half finger widths from the wrist crease. Known for it’s prompt effect, apply pressure on this point to relieve anxiety, tension and palpitations, before exams, job interviews and whatnot.
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