5 Must Try Yummy Newari Dishes in Nepal!

    One thing all Nepalese are proud of is the diversity in food, culture and tradition in our country. Along with all other communities, Kathmandu valley is filled with newar community and their tradition. If you love newari food then you must never miss these five newari items.
    1. Yomari

    Yomari is a steam dumpling made up of rice flour. Inner core consist sweet substance called ‘chaku’. ‘khuwa’ is also used as the inner core. This is specially made in festive yomari punhi. The festival of Yomari punhi is celebrated on the second day of the full moon when prayers are offered during which the Yomaris are stored and not eaten on that very day. On the fourth and the final day the people belonging to the Newa community consume the sweet bread as a gift from gods and this practice also marks the end of the festival.
    2. Chatamari


    This is another Newari dish that is very popular among people. It is basically a dosa made up of rice flour. But to spice things up at the top chopped or ground red meat is placed. Some pepper and salt to add more flavours. This is often also refered as newari pizza. Although it is like a dosa however it is not rolled instead kept open with toppings inside.
    3. Bara

    Bara is one of the most popular dish among all age of people. It is made up of black lentil. It also termed as nepali pancake. But bara is topped with egg and finely chopped meat. Some salt and pepper to spice things up. It is healthy as well as hygienic snacks and very easy to make as well. The topping can be done according ones interest.
    4. Choila

    This might be the most popular newari item among people who love meat. This is made up of buff meat. The meat is first cooked in fire. and then it is chopped into small pieces. The flavor is added according to one’s need. Green onion, green chilly, salt, pepper, garlic and onion paste are some of the basic ingredients.
    5. Swanpuka

    Swan Pukā is goat’s lungs filled with spicy batter and boiled, sliced and fried. The dish is traditionally served at special dinners and feasts. It is served after the main course and before dessert. Swan Pukā is a specialty on the menu at local eateries.
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