Best Wedding Planners In Nepal To Plan Your Dream Wedding


    Wedding planning is fun for some, but troublesome for most. It might be exciting to shop and organize, but the actual planning and overlooking everything to make sure everything is perfect can be seriously tiring; especially if it’s your own wedding. Some things are best handled by professionals and wedding planning is one of those things. You definitely deserve to relax on the days leading up to your big day and leave the worrying to someone else. Here, we have a list of some of the best wedding planners in Nepal whom you can hire and trust to make your wedding as magical as you want without any hiccups.

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    1. Clover Events

    call clover events to plan your perfect wedding

    Clover Events is an event planning company that is dedicated to making your special moments perfect. They plan a lot of events but are renowned for their wedding planning services and are one of the top wedding planners in Nepal. Their customized wedding package is pretty popular where they plan everything about the event including decorations, setup and ambience while keeping your tastes and preferences at the forefront. This way, your wedding will reflect both you and your spouse’s preferences and make your wedding truly ‘yours’ instead of another generic wedding.

    Even apart from that, they offer various packages with services like bridal makeup, mehendi, jewelry and things like these included. This way you won’t have to purchase things yourself individually, saving both time and stress. They also have a luxury wedding package if you want to make your special day even more special while pampering yourself and your guests. We highly recommend their services so check them out!

    Facebook │ https://www.facebook.com/cloverweddingandevent
    Website │ http://www.cloverweddingandevent.com/

    2. Utsav Event Planner

    utsav event planner plans your memorable wedding

    Dedicated to making your celebrations a lifetime memory, Utsav Event Planner is an event planning company based in Kathmandu. They plan all sorts of events, including weddings. They’ve been in business for almost 20 years and have ample experience in the ins and outs of planning events and are one of the more renowned wedding event planners in Nepal. So, hire them and let them plan your dream wedding while you relax, especially if it’s a theme wedding!

    Facebook │ https://www.facebook.com/utsavevent.planner
    Website │ N/A

    3. Wedding Nepal

    call wedding nepal for their services

    Wedding Nepal believes in delivering happiness, and that’s what they do. Wedding Nepal is a wedding planning and event coordinating company that provides the entire services of Decoration, Catering, Photography, Transportation & many more. They have a wide catalogue of choices based on the taste of the bride and groom. Their backdrops especially, are so well made it makes you want to get married just for that. Contact them if you require their services.

    Facebook │ https://www.facebook.com/WeddingNepalPvtLtd
    Website │ weddingnepal.com (under maintenance)

    4. Wedding Himalaya

    visit wedding himalaya for your perfect wedding

    Wedding Himalaya is a company that understands the value of weddings to the couple and their family and makes it as special as they can for them. Wedding Himalaya is an International Wedding Planner in Nepal and provides one of the best services for weddings in Nepal by combining the culture of each couple anywhere in the world with our culture and making the ceremony as ‘ethnic’ or ‘modern’ as they want. Weddings from any culture are handled beautifully at Wedding Himalaya. Their services consist of a full wedding package including the basics such as transportation, photography and more. The package will be customized according to your choice since it’s your big day. They also take care of all the legal hassle if you’re having a destination wedding. 

    Facebook │ https://www.facebook.com/Wedding-Himalaya-100299471702880
    Website │ http://www.weddinghimalaya.com/

    5. Nepal Wedding Planners

    find nepal wedding planners to plan your wedding

    Planning, designing and managing weddings is yet another company’s forte; Nepal Wedding Planners. They take over from the very beginning and help you right from selecting the party venue, choosing a brass band party, and entertaining the guests with good food music and overall atmosphere. They even help you in deciding on which tunes to play (that can include all the Nepali traditional music or the latest Bollywood hits) as well as the bride and groom’s favorite ones with great dance numbers. Nepal Wedding Planners are a one stop solution when it comes to wedding planning and you don’t have to lift a finger while using their services except to enjoy your big day.

    Facebook │ https://www.facebook.com/nepalweddingplanners
    Website │ https://nepalweddingplanners.com

    6. Wedding Diary Nepal

    wedding diaries nepal captures your wedding perfectly

    Wedding Diary Nepal is the optimal place if you’re looking for a good wedding photography package. This wedding planning agency has been in business for over 10 years and has had over 5000 clients, so you know you’re in good hands. They offer good service at an affordable rate and give good value for money. They offer various packages when it comes to wedding photo-shoots which include:  Professional Wedding Photography, Professional Wedding Videography, Indoor Photography, and Family Photo Shoots. 

    Facebook │https://www.facebook.com/weddingdiarynepal
    Website │ https://www.weddingdiarynepal.net/

    7. Bihey Nepal

    approach bihey nepal for wedding photography

    Bihey Nepal is another wedding planning agency here to satisfy your wedding needs. They offer various services related to wedding photography and wedding videography. They even shoot wedding ‘movies’ of full length and in great quality.  The movies can also be shot from above with a drone in 4k quality. Overall, they provide a complete package when it comes to wedding photography and videography. 

    Facebook │https://www.facebook.com/biheynepal
    Website │N/A

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