Emerging Fashion Trends for Women in the Year 2021


    The year of 2020 is finally over and we are almost 2 months into 2021.  Fashion did not get to flourish much in 2020 considering all of us were trapped inside our houses, and the best idea of fashion was wearing sweatpants indoors. But things seem optimistic for this year. New trends are emerging and we’re excited to try them on. Here are some top emerging fashion trends for the year of 2021. 

    Gender Neutral Clothing

    gender neutral fashion, fashion trends for 2021

    Over the years we’ve seen a decrease in the divide between purely men’s or purely women’s clothing. The lines between male and female clothing are getting blurred, and fashion is more accepting of genderless or gender neutral clothing. This trend is not just for style but it also carries a deeper meaning. Gender neutral clothing symbolizes an individual’s freedom of choice and openness of self-expression. Due to celebrities like Ezra Miller and Harry Styles popularizing men wearing ‘women’s’ clothes, and Billie Eilish wearing her signature baggy clothes, gender neutral clothing is somewhat in the limelight and is set to only grow in popularity this year. 


    Woman Wearing Mask

    Masks have been a necessity lately, but that doesn’t mean people are not experimenting with it. Mask accessories are gaining traction day by day. It also gave an opportunity for a lot of home-based entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by selling customized and stylish masks via social media channels. Matching one’s masks with their outfit was one of the more fun parts of 2020. Gone are the days of those ugly blue medical masks, now is the time for stylish and chic masks!

    Flared Bottom Jeans

    Flarred Bottom Jeans

    If you’re keeping up with the Millennials and Gen Z’s friendly Tik Tok ‘feud’, you must know that skinny jeans are ‘out’ and flared jeans are ‘in’. Despite being outdated in recent times, this trend is making a comeback this year. The thing about flared jeans is that they look great no matter what your body type is. Whether you’re thin or somewhat on the heavier side, flared jeans will look good on you regardless. Pair them with crop tops or bralettes and you’re good to go!

    Short Hair

    Woman With Short hair

    So 2020 has been the year of realizations. One of those realizations is how hard it is to take care of and maintain one’s hair. I mean seriously, shampooing and conditioning your hair everyday takes quite a lot of effort. So, we’ve seen many women chopping off their hair this quarantine and seriously pulling it off. In fact, since most of us stayed home anyway, many women have also elected to shave their heads completely. While deciding the length of one’s hair is a personal choice, we do recommend chopping it short this summer to try it out. If you end up hating it, it atleast will always grow back! 

    Comfort Wear

    woman in gray shirt and blue denim jeans sitting on gray rock

    Another realization many people had in 2020 is that fashion does not always have to come at the expense of comfort. It is possible to be stylish as hell while still being as comfortable as possible. Baggy clothing especially, has been quite popular so far and we’re sure it will be very trendy by the time summer rolls around. The ‘just woke up’ hairstyle is another popular one and requires minimal effort while looking stylish.

    Florals (and patterns in general)

    woman wearing floral flowers

    Florals was all set to make a comeback in 2020, but obviously a certain virus prevented that from happening. We’ve already seen florals being sported early in the year and it should be back in full swing by summer. Patterns in general seem to be making a comeback this new decade so keep your eyes peeled for that too!

    Candy and Pastel

    Bright pink dress trend 2021: Loewe floral puff-sleeved dress

    Another trend sure to be in full swing is light coloured clothing, and yes that includes everything from bubblegum pink clothing to matcha green. Sugary candy tones from cherry to raspberry are all set to bring some rose-tinted energy this summer. After the year of gloom and doom we all deserve to frolic in light clothing this summer and we personally cannot wait. Pastel clothes do not always have to be ‘girly’, in fact many high fashion brands have released chic pastel clothing in various style types. This trend will probably stay for the entire decade and not just this year too!

    Monochrome and Silver

    STYLECASTER | Minimalist Fashion Trends

    Now on the other end of the spectrum, we have monochrome and silver tones. If bright clothing isn’t your style then fret not, because this is also the year of monochromes. Now monochromes were somewhat always in ‘style’ but this year they are set to be at the forefront.  Hoodies and sweatpants ruled 2020 which pushed stylish monochromes at the forefront. Whether you’re more into high fashion or generally not really into fashion, monochromes is the best option to choose!

    No Makeup

    We don’t just mean the no-makeup makeup look where you brush on nude eyeshadow and lipstick, but just in general, no makeup. Another side effect of 2020 is people finally had a reason to ditch makeup and let their skin breathe. Makeup might as well have been one of the least bought items of 2020. And most of us loved it! For those casual makeup wearers, putting makeup back on is such a chore. Luckily, more and more women have been opting to wear less makeup this year or to even ditch it altogether. If you’re not a makeup lover, then you should participate in this trend and go bare faced this summer!

    Sustainable Fashion

    silver framed eyeglasses on white and blue floral textile

    Another big realization of 2020 was the harmful effects of fast fashion on the environment. Due to the wildfires and other environmental disasters in the world, we’ve all become more conscious of the effect of our habits on the planet. One of them is the popularity of fast fashion. Fast fashion is when clothing is produced cheap and fast in order to keep up with the changing trends, this often means using cheap labor and excessive resources. Ethically produced clothing are getting more sales than ever this year and it seems like most of us will be saying no to fast fashion and supporting local businesses in 2021.

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