Foodmandu Online Food Festival Is Back And It’s Rolling | Enjoy Amazing Offers On Food

    Foodmandu has been conducting their Food Festival in full swing yet again this year. The festival started on 15th January and will run until 21st January 2021.

    The festival can be accessed through their mobile app by clicking on the ‘Visit Food Festival’ option. The festival is an interactive experience with cheery music where one can move their avatar around and ‘visit’ different stalls as if it were a real festival. 

    Apart from the stalls, there is a flash sale where offerings can be found from different restaurants at a reduced price. Next there is a Re. 1 stall where all food items from various restaurants are available for only Re. 1 from 11 am to 8:30pm. Up next is the mystery bag, which as the name suggests is where you can purchase mystery bags from different restaurants at a reduced price. The wheel of fortune and delivery challenge games can also be played for exciting prizes and discount offers.

    The festival ends on 21st January, so head over to Foodmandu and enjoy the best offers available! 

    Download the app on Apple
    Download the app on Playstore

    Visit their website | https://foodmandu.com/

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