Get Out Of The Dusty City And Enjoy Chitlang For A Day – Just 22kms Away!

    If you want a break from this busy city you don’t have to go too far. Chitlang is a small paradise about 22km south of Kathmandu. Picturesque beauty of Chitlang offers peaceful day in the nature and wonderful landscape. Chitlang Day Hiking has become a popular day trip for those who are in Kathmandu. You can do this trip as a day tour or an overnight trip staying in Chitlang. Chitlang VDC is located in ancient Newar settlement. Inscriptions dating back to Lichchavi era have been found in this place.
    Hike to Chitlang offers a pleasant nature walking experience exceeding your imagination. Walking to Chitlang can be very rewarding, stopping to admire the many species of birds, butterflies, insects and a whole range of colorful flowers along the way. Tranquility is the attraction of this haven. There are only five home stays and one resort that cater to tourists but they suffice. These home stays are basic and offer simple living but are as diverse in character as the crops you see around Chitlang.

    There are two routes to get there. One bus leaves early in the morning from Balkhu and heads towards Kulekhani from Pharping. After a three-hour journey the bus reaches Taukhel from where it’s an hour’s walk to Chitlang. The other bus leaves from Kalanki at 2:30pm and goes along the highway until Naubise before turning towards Kulekhani and eventually winding up at Taukhel.
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