Laxmi Sunrise Bank Reinforces Commitment to Gender Equality and Female Empowerment


    Laxmi Sunrise Bank hosted its inaugural “Spark ’24: Empowering Women in Leadership – Inspire Inclusion” event, underscoring its unwavering dedication to fostering a culture of inclusion, equality, and empowerment for women in the workplace.

    The event brought together esteemed speakers, including the Honorable Member of the National
    Human Rights Commission, Ms. Lily Thapa, the Resident Representative of the International Monetary Fund, Ms. Teresa Daban Sanchez, Mr. Piyush Paudyal of F1 Soft Group, and Ms. Sewa Pathak, CEO of Vianet Communications, who shared valuable insights on female leadership and empowerment.

    In his closing remarks, the Chief Executive Officer of Laxmi Sunrise Bank reaffirmed the bank’s steadfast commitment to enhancing the professional development and well-being of its female employees through a series of proactive initiatives. These initiatives encompass comprehensive mentorship programs, targeted leadership training, flexible work arrangements, especially during pregnancy, and the implementation of care centers and lactation rooms in offices with a significant female presence.

    “We strive to provide a conducive environment that enables women to thrive personally and
    professionally,” said the CEO. “Our unwavering commitment to fostering a psychologically safe and
    respectful workplace is evident through policies that uphold zero tolerance for harassment and

    Notably, the bank’s female employee turnover ratio stands at less than 1%, in stark contrast to the
    overall turnover rate of 7%, reflecting the positive outcomes of its concerted efforts to create an
    inclusive and supportive workplace environment.

    Currently, 36% of Laxmi Sunrise Bank’s workforce is female, with the figure improving to 45% in
    metropolitan cities. Approximately 40% of the bank’s Branch Managers in the Kathmandu Valley are women, and 25% of its departments are headed by female leaders.

    The CEO emphasized the bank’s commitment to continuously strive for improvement and announced the formal introduction of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within the organization’s structure to design, implement, and monitor its goals.

    “We acknowledge the need to enhance gender representation and will continue to implement initiatives aimed at nurturing the professional growth and advancement of capable and deserving female colleagues,” said the CEO. “We strongly believe that the Future of Work will be based on flexibility and care for our employees, and Laxmi Sunrise will be ready for such a future.”

    The event concluded on a collaborative note with a live ‘Modern Mithila Painting’ created collectively by all participants. This vibrant artwork will find a prominent place in the office, symbolizing the commencement and steadfast commitment to the bank’s initiatives that advance gender equality and empower women in and to leadership positions.

    Laxmi Sunrise Bank’s “Spark ’24: Empowering Women in Leadership – Inspire Inclusion” event marks the beginning of an annual tradition, reinforcing the bank’s commitment to driving positive change and fostering a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

    About Laxmi Sunrise Bank

    Laxmi Sunrise Bank

    Formed on July 14, 2023 as a new entity from the merger of Laxmi Bank (estd. 2002) and Sunrise Bank (estd. 2007), Laxmi Sunrise is a class ‘A’ commercial bank committed to delivering unparalleled financial services to its valued customers – where the future of banking meets a rich legacy of trust and agency.

    Today, through its 258 branches, 321 ATMs, 28 Extension Counters, 41 International Remittance Agents and a host of IT enabled channels, Laxmi Sunrise Bank serves a wide range of customers. The Bank closed the previous financial year 2079/80 with a balance sheet size of NPR 361 billion that includes deposits and risk assets of NPR 300.31 billion and NPR 255.85 billion respectively. All key financial indicators of the Bank are well within prudential and regulatory norms.

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