9 Best Locations for Wedding Photoshoot in Kathmandu


    Weddings might be the closest thing we have to a fairytale in real life. So, it only makes sense to capture the best moments on camera. Especially for the betrothed couple, documenting the most valuable memories of their lives is of utmost importance. 

    A wedding marks the beginning of a new chapter, so pictures of that occasion must be extra special. Planning a proper wedding photoshoot should definitely be on the top of the list of wedding preparations. Kathmandu is a city packed with aesthetically beautiful locations. With the mountains so close and so many world-famous temples, the city provides an array of backdrops. 

    Let’s explore the best wedding photoshoot locations in Kathmandu

    1. Babarmahal Revisited

    wedding photoshoot in Babar Mahal, Kathmandu
    Image credit: Yogendra Maharjan

    This location definitely tops the list of best places for a pre-wedding photoshoot. With its long history and antique architectural structures, Babarmahal Revisited is a great pick if you are going for a sophisticated, classic vibe for your wedding pictures. It is a big location with several courtyards that gives you many options to get that ultimate wedding shot. This place has been a popular location for Nepali wedding photoshoots for quite some time. 

    2. Garden Of Dreams

    Image Source: https://www.traveldiarynepal.com/visit-garden-of-dreams-nepal-location/

    Just the name itself, “Garden of Dreams” resonates that this place can be a perfect location for passionate pre-wedding photoshoots. The garden was constructed by Kishor Narsingh, for late Field Marshal Kaiser Sumsher Rana in 1920. An escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, the garden was constructed in Edwardian style with European-inspired features. Initially known as ‘Garden of Six Seasons’ was privately owned by Kaiser Sumsher. It was open for the public after the renovation that took place between 2001 and 2007. The unique architecture and well-manicured gardens will add some extra beauty to your wedding pictures. Garden of Dreams has been the choice for many Nepali couples for their wedding photoshoots in Kathmandu.

    3. The Durbar Squares Of The Valley

    Patan Durbar Square situated in Kathmandu Valley

    The three Durbar Squares of Kathmandu Valley provide a rich cultural texture to the city. The origin of these Durbar Squares dates back to the time before the unification of Nepal. The world-famous architectural masterpieces still stand beautifully, providing you with one of the best places for pre-wedding photoshoots. Anyone who has lived in Kathmandu for a significant amount of time has made at least one good memory in these squares. Maybe you even had your first date in the area. Now, that would make this location more meaningful! You can document your precious wedding memories surrounded by the historical and aesthetically marvellous architectures, that too, free of charge.

    4. Patan Museum

    Image source: https://thatstunningguy.com/13-best-places-to-visit-in-nepal/

    Another great location for a typical Nepali wedding photoshoot is the Patan Museum. The exhibits at the Patan Museum span Nepal’s long cultural history. The courtyard known as Keshav Narayan Chowk is filled with artifacts from the Malla regime, providing many angles to capture some pretty amazing wedding photos. Other popular places include Sundari Chowk and Mul Chowk. If you are looking for a culturally-rich, pre-wedding photoshoot, head down to Patan Museum.

    5. Godavari Botanical Garden

    Image source: https://www.viator.com/tours/Kathmandu/Private-Tour-of-Godawari-Botanical-Garden-Including-Lunch/d5109-8076P52

    Romance and nature have a pretty tight bond. Exquisite greenery and the blue skies complement the passion of a betrothed couple. This is one of the closest spots from the city that possesses irresistible natural beauty. There are different themed gardens within the premises of the Botanical Garden, with hundreds of species of plants. A 200-meter clear water spring flows within the area which adds to the beauty of this garden. You can also find the Coronation Pond surrounded by evergreen and ornamental plants. With all these pure and organically beautiful features, Botanical Garden is a haven for pre-wedding photoshoots. 

    6. Taragaon Museum

    taragaon museum is one of the best locations for wedding photoshoot in kathmandu
    Photo credit: Sharp Design & Print Solution

    Located inside the Hyatt Hotel, Boudha, the Taragaon Museum is a wonderland of beautiful architecture, peaceful surroundings and contemporary art. The unique structures made of bricks situtated within the museum premises will give your photoshoot a surreal, yet romantic vibes. The open air amphitheater is another location that you will love, thanks to this dramatic background which will provide you with lots of photo ops. Plus points if you place your bibhaha mandap right at the center! 

    7. Nagarkot

    Image source: https://ticketnshop.com/tourist/destination/nagarkot

    Nagarkot is famous for a rich view of the beautiful Himalayan range including Mt Everest. It also offers a panoramic view of Kathmandu valley, giving the photographer a lot to work with. Only about a couple of hours away from Kathmandu, Nagarkot is a goldmine of natural scenic beauty. Most importantly this is where you can get the best view of the sunrise, isn’t that simply awesome for a wedding photoshoot? For rustic themed wedding pictures, this is one of the best places for pre-wedding photoshoots that is closer to the city. 

    8. Hotels

    Image source: https://planetofhotels.com/en/nepal/kathmandu/hotel-himalaya

    Hotels are a convenient choice to have your wedding photoshoot. You can find all sorts of suitable locations within the hotels. From sophisticated modern architecture to nature-themed spots, hotels can offer different backgrounds for photoshoots. They not only give you the best options for pre-wedding photoshoots, but you can also save time by having the ceremony and the reception in the same location. There are many hotels available within Kathmandu valley. Some of the best ones are Himalayan Hotel, Hyatt Regency, Marriott, Hotel Shankar, Crowne Plaza- Soaltee, Royal Empire Boutique, and more. 

    9. Balaju Park

    Image source: http://khabarbhndaarr.blogspot.com/2015/12/balaju-baisdhara-super-lines-being.html#.X8ne8WUzbIU

    Balaju Park possesses a mix of both natural and cultural beauty within its area. Only 5 km north-east from central Kathmandu, the park has a calming ambiance. The garden within is nicely decorated with flower beds and ponds in various shapes. There are plenty of elegant spots to have your pre-wedding photoshoot. Balaju Park is also famous for the 22 stone water sprouts that are famously known as “Baais Dhara”. A replica of the Budhanilkantha statue can also be found inside park premises. A location with both natural and architectural monuments, you don’t need to pay any charges for your wedding photoshoot.

    ** Feature image credit: Yogi’s Photography

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