7 Luxurious Hotels In Nepal You Should Know About


    ‘There are only a few luxurious hotels in Nepal’ is a common misconception we’ve seen amongst foreigners and even Nepali people themselves. Nepal has a variety of options to pick from if you are looking for a luxurious experience but they somehow never make it into the limelight except for a few obvious big names. This just feeds into the ‘Nepal is poor’ stereotype which could hurt our tourism. Despite there being many luxurious hotels in Nepal, people are aware of only a few of them and the same names get repeated, creating an echo chamber. To rectify that, we’ve made a list of grand hotels all over Nepal that offer a luxurious experience.

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    1. Meghauli Serai

    visit meghauili serai for a luxurious experience in nepal

    A paradise in the midst of Chitwan, Meghauli Serai, A Taj Safari is the place to go if you want a relaxing and luxurious experience while being close to nature. This spectacular resort highlights the beauty of the wilderness and offers an amazing view. The place is beautifully designed with Nepali décor and art. The large infinity pool and viewing deck just adds to the beauty of this place. The lush greenery and crisp air makes it very easy to wind down and relax here. 

    Location │ Narayani Nagar Palika, Chitwan National Park Meghauli, Nepal
    Website │ meghauliserai.com/
    Facebook │ facebook.com/tajsafarismeghauliserai
    Instagram │instagram.com/tajsafarismeghauliserai/

    2. Jagatpur Lodge

    jagatpur lodge, one of the most luxurious hotels in nepal

    Have you ever wanted to sleep in a tent, but have it be luxurious? If you do then we have a hotel for you. Jagatpur Lodge’s specialty is its rooms which are designed to feel like tents. They are fully equipped with everything that you should need for glamping and to feel simple yet extravagant at the same time. Located at a riverbank and consisting of a view of the Chitwan National Park, staying here will make you feel like you’re camping but without missing out on all the comforts of a resort. This is one luxury hotel in Nepal that’s situated at a convenient location for safari, jungle walk and rafting in the Rapti River. Not to mention the service is excellent and tailored towards a fully satisfactory experience for all visitors.

    Location │ Khadguli, Bharatpur, Nepal
    Website │ jagatpurlodge.com/
    Facebook │ facebook.com/jagatpurlodgebyannapurna
    Instagram │instagram.com/jagatpur_lodge/

    3. Tiger Palace

    visit tiger palace for a luxurious experience in nepal

    Located just a few kilometers from the India border, this place is easily accessible for Nepalis and Indians alike. Formerly open only to the Royal Family, the standard this resort stands at is a different league. This five star resort is spread over 22 acres of land and has lots of features you don’t want to miss. Their casino for one, is top tier and one you can easily spend hours in. Their service and food are also delicious and worth visiting for. Famous tourist attractions within reach of the resort are the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Lumbini, Palpa, and Chitwan National Park. We especially recommend this place if you are organizing an event like a wedding or an engagement party. Apart from having big halls that are perfect for these events they also offer event packages that include various facilities so you can just purchase the package and save the hassle of doing individual bookings.

    Location │ Tilottama, Siddharthanagar, Bhairahawa
    Website │tigerpalace.com/
    Facebook │ facebook.com/tigerpalace
    Instagram │instagram.com/tigerpalaceresort/

    4. Dwarikas Resort Dhulikhel

    This resort uses the natural landscape and the lush green plantation to give its guests full privacy and offers a holistic retreat based on Hindu scriptures, Buddhist medicine, and traditional Himalayan knowledge. Situated in the optimum location for visits to destinations like Namo Buddha, Manegaon, and Palanchowk; you should consider visiting this place if you want to relax close to nature without sacrificing a luxurious experience. As one of the luxury hotels in Kathmandu, they also offer a lot of activities in their premises which you can participate in if you want to. You can have delicious meals from vegetables grown at their organic farm while looking at the beautiful snow capped mountain range. They also have a helipad if you’re up to take a ride up to Everest. 

    Location │ Resort Marg, Dhulikhel
    Website │ dwarikas-dhulikhel.com
    Facebook │ facebook.com/dwarikasresort
    Instagram │instagram.com/the_dwarikas/

    5. Hotel Mystic Mountain

    hotel mystic mountain nagarkot, nepal. resort close to nature

    Like the name suggests, this place is like a paradise amongst the quaint villages and terraced fields of Nagarkot. Situated at a high altitude, this place feels like you’re amongst the clouds itself. The private balconies in each room are perfect for enjoying the Nagarkot sunrise and the panoramic view of the Himalayas. Mystic Mountain has the perfect blend of luxury and nature; like our entries above, this is also a great place to go if you want to enjoy a peaceful getaway amongst nature but don’t want to sacrifice your comfort. 

    Location │ Paryatan Marga, Nagarkot
    Website │ hotelmysticmountain.com/
    Facebook │facebook.com/mysticmountainnagarkot
    Instagram │instagram.com/hotelmysticmountain/

    6. Himalayan Front Hotel

    This is the hotel for mountain lovers. Located at Sarangkot, Pokhara, you can comfortably get the view of the beautiful Annapurna mountain range without even leaving your beds. All rooms offer a stunning view of the mountains, even from the bathroom. Waking up to the golden tinted Himalayas under the morning sun; taking a bath while in full view of the Himalayas; what could spell luxury better? They also have a rooftop lounge which offers a perfect view of the Pokhara valley, and an infinity pool where you can chill on a float and admire the scenery. We recommend this place for adventure lovers as well since it’s very close to trekking and hiking trails along with the paragliding destination at Pokhara. 

    Location │ Lama Gaun, Sarangkot, Pokhara
    Website │ himalayanfront.com/
    Facebook │ facebook.com/himalayanfront
    Instagram │instagram.com/himalayanfrontbykgh/

    7. The Pavilions

    The pavilions is a luxury hotel in Nepal. it is situated in Pokhara

    Located amid a lushly forested valley and set against the backdrop of the majestic Himalayan mountain range, The Pavilions Himalayas truly feels like a paradise. One of the top luxury hotels in Nepal, you can explore, hike and even just breathe the crisp air here to feel refreshed. Enjoy meals that have been grown in their own organic farm and stay anywhere in their 14 luxurious villas. They also use renewable energy from the farm to power the entire resort which just adds to the magic of this place, especially if you care about sustainable living. We recommend you leave your laptops and devices at home and really become one with nature to enjoy this place to the fullest. 

    Location │ Chisapani, Pumdi-Bhumdi, Pokhara
    Website │ pavilionshotels.com/himalayas/
    Facebook │ facebook.com/thepavilionshimalayasthefarm
    Instagram │N/A

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