realme: Moving To 5G And Changing The AIoT Scenario In Nepal This Year


    realme, the world’s fastest growing smartphone brand is here to push the Nepali market into the new era of 5G and AIoT with the beauty of technology. With a full range of audio, wearables, smart TVs, and smartphones, realme aims to bring a desired connected life to consumers all over Nepal. With a dare to leap spirit and having received a tremendous response to the present line up of smart products in Nepal, realme aims to be at the top of consumer’s buy list, clearly establishing the 1+4+N product strategy with the ambition to empower the young generation with the coolest technology in the market.


    realme has a well-established lineup of audio, wearables, and smartphones in Nepal. As the leaders in introducing new technologies, realme has made great strides to connect users with their products in a seamless and fun way that buyers already appreciate. With products like the realme Buds Air and realme Watch S, two of the most affordable AIoT offerings in the audio and wearable section, they offer some of the widest range of features.

    1+4+N Strategy

    With the ambition to empower the young generation with the coolest technology, realme has undertaken the 1+4+N product strategy. “1” refers to the core product, the smartphone. This includes the C series and the number series in the Nepali market. realme smartphone with the realme Link App installed, can manage as well as control various AIoT products. The 2nd number “4” signifies four major categories. Earphones, smart watches, smart speakers and smart TVs, the most frequently used devices that also support voice assistants feature enabling them to control other AIoT products. The hub to bring a more convenient and seamless smart home experience.

    realme plants to move to 5g this year

    But realme doesn’t want to stop innovating, thus the “N” which represents an indefinite number of products be it electric toothbrushes, smart scales, projectors, plugs, car chargers alongside an ever-growing number of products to fit an ever-growing need of technology to enhance personal, home and travel experiences.

    Based off of this strategy, realme has some exciting things planned for Nepal this year.  

    Enable everyone to leap to 5G era

    With clear and precise vision to provide cutting edge technology and trendsetting design, realme set its goals early in 2020 to leap to 5G. Launching a wide range of 5G smartphones both in the upper mid and flagship segment, the brand is now planning to introduce 5G in the mid-range segment for the masses.

    The global launch of the realme 7 5G, a smartphone priced less than $300 was a first for many markets to get their hands on a 5G smartphone at a competitive price range.  Well known mobile authority GSM Arena has rated realme 7 5G the first mid-range all-rounder mobile phone for 2020. realme believes that 5G shouldn’t be a privilege limited to only high-end phones. The brand aims to popularize advanced technologies and make 5G accessible to everyone.

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