The Most Popular And Widely Used Nepali Applications In Nepal!


    smartphones have made our lives a lot easier. From online shopping to easy transactions, nothing has made our lives simpler than the various applications available for us. Here are the most popular applications in Nepal and most of us might have at least one of these apps in our phones.
    1) eSewa

    eSewa has got to be one of the most beneficial and downloaded apps in Nepal. Transferring money, paying bills, balance check, scanning QR codes to many other features, this app has become a ‘go to’ for people who have to deal with banking transactions every day. The process is simple, as it just requires an eSewa account and the user friendly app can be used by anybody.
    2) Nepali Patro

    As we all know, smartphones don’t come with Nepalese calendars when purchased, i.e. a calendar in the B.S. format consisting with all those important dates, festivals and events in our country. Well no need to worry as we have got Nepali Patro, a Nepali app that features all these benefits along with other important features like value of different currencies, conversion from AD to BS and vice versa.
    3) Shopping apps

    As online shopping has started to become more popular day by day, the rise of online shopping apps can be seen. Apps from online commercial sites like Hamrobazar, Daraz, Sastodeal etc. have become very popular. Easy product surfing, specification analysis and hassle-free payment options have made this apps very popular.
    4) Hamro Nepali Keyboard

    Hamro Nepali Keyboard has similar intentions to that of the Nepali Patro, providing services that would help us Nepalese. The app helps us to type in the Nepali script with ease. The keyboard is so designed that it can be used within any platform or inside other applications where typing is required. With Nepali script under your fingers, you can express your feelings in the national language.
    5) Nepali dictionary

    ‘What was the meaning again?’ We all have this feeling when we hear a Nepali word which we have never heard about. All of us were taught to use the dictionary in school but hardly any of us learnt to use the Sabdakosh. But today, the Nepali dictionary app has made it easy to look for unheard words easily. Th e app provides the meaning of the word you want to learn about and also uses it in a sentence, all of these in Nepali. This helps you to understand it better. The app is very fruitful for students as well as other people whose Nepali vocabulary is not that strong.
    Pradip Karki
    Pradip Karki
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