The Perfect Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Your Man | 10 Businesses That Offer Great Gift Ideas


    Since Valentine’s Day is knocking on the door, everyone must be scrambling for gift ideas for their beloved. If you’re reading this, then chances are high that you’re still wondering what to get for your man. But you can rest easy today because we’ve compiled 10 businesses where you can shop for the best valentine’s gifts for boys.

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    1. Bishrom Eyewear

     Bishrom Eyewear
    boy wearing glasses

    Bishrom Eyewear is one of its kind as there are not many companies in Nepal that specialize in eyewear. It was established in 2015 in order to fit the Nepali lifestyle as a brand that’s not a knockoff. Now, it is one of the largest Nepali eyewear brands. Buying sunglasses in Nepal is hard because you either get the original brands at very high prices or get cheap knock offs. Bishrom eyewear fills this gap with good quality products and affordable prices. Their designs are usually up with the trend and super stylish too. 

    Check them out here.

    2. Joba Knitwear

    Joba Knitwear

    Joba Knitwear specializes in knitted wear such as mufflers, sweaters and mittens that are all handmade by Nepali women. Joba products are often stylish and professional-looking and can be worn on formal occasions as well. Their beanies and infinity scarfs especially, are very sleek and comfortable to wear and will make a great gift that will keep your man warm during the cold. 

    Check them out here.

    3. Dulla 

    Dulla Leather Wallets

    Dulla is a brand that specializes in leather products. They mostly produce shoes but their wallets are also of great quality and very durable. If you are looking for a cool valentine’s gift for guys and something that is personalized, Dulla is offering customized embossing on their wallets for this Valentine’s. So, if you are thinking of getting a wallet for your bae, you can get his name or a special message printed for him. They also offer same day delivery and free packaging. 

    Check them out here.

    4. Dochaa

    Dochaa Shoes

    Is your man interested in traditional art and culture? If yes, Dochaa shoes are the perfect gift for him. Dochaa is a footwear brand that produces shoes which feature authentic designs that are inspired from different Nepali art, traditions, and cultures. Their products are handcrafted by local artisans and ethically made. Dochaa shoes could be a thoughtful gift idea for your man.. 

    Check them out here.

    5. Looga Wears

    Logga Wears

    Looga Wears is a brand that sells clothing with pop culture references and also provides options for custom printing. While initially only selling imported goods, it now sells products made in Nepal as well. If your man is really into pop culture and fashion, then he’ll really like their products. 

    Check them out here.

    6. Miniso 

    miniso headphone wired

    While Miniso might be known to the masses for their cutesy items, they also sell pretty good gadgets such as headphones and powerbanks. In fact, their whole electronics line is mostly overlooked. Products from Miniso can make for good valentine’s gift for boys. If you are planning to gift him with gadgets, Miniso is a good bet for affordable, yet good quality electronics. Here, you can find things such as HDMI cables, Bluetooth speakers, audio cables, electric fan, USB cables, VR glasses, phone camera lens, and many more. Their product designs are sleek and polished which makes them look sophisticated.

    Even apart from electronics, Miniso has something for everyone, ranging from stationaries to games and accessories. All of their products are very aesthetically pleasing and not inappropriate for gift giving. 

    Check them out here

    7. Nepal Gamer Mall

    Valentines gift card for boys

    If you are dating a gamer, then there’s nothing more fitting for a gift than top-up gift cards to play their favorite games online. , He’ll really be grateful for this one. Nepal Gamer Mall lets you purchase gift cards for various mobile games like PUBG, Free Fire, etc. and for services like Amazon, Google Play and App Store.

    Check them out here.

    8. Yala Wears

    Yala wears

    If your man is into fitness then he might appreciate gifts that will come in handy for his fitness journey. Yala Wears sells various types of fitness gear such as workout gloves, gym shorts, water bottles, workout shirts, joggers, etc. They even sell outfits apart from gym wear, such as puffer jackets which are all of great quality. 

    Check them out here.

    9. The Man Company

    The Man Company

    Grooming products usually make the perfect gift for men because it’s both convenient and thoughtful. The Man Company provides various grooming products such as shaving kits, face wash, beard oil, and many more. Their products are sleek and stylish and usually receive glowing reviews. If you are wondering about what to gift to your guy on Valentine’s Day, their products also come in gift combo packages that are perfect to give to that special someone. 

    Check them out here.

    10. MOZA

    Moza Socks

    If you want to keep it simple, then socks might be a great valentine’s gift idea for guys. You should never underestimate the simplicity and functionality of gifting a good pair of socks. At MOZA, you can get socks with the coolest designs. They offer both extensive and minimalistic prints, along with designs relating to anime, games, shows, and other pop culture moments.  

    Check them out here.

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