5 Must Know Emergency Hotlines for People Living In Kathmandu & Around!

    Living anywhere in the world, comes with certain risks and uncertainties. To keep yourself, your family and people around you safe and sound, there are few emergency hotlines that we should be aware of. Check out these Top 5 emergency helplines for people living in Kathmandu and around that should be on your mind!
    1) Nepal Police – 100

    In any sort of Emergency, the police will reach at you as to the soonest possible time after you inform them. Dial 100 to reach the police control room or get in touch with the various operator to explain your problem and get assistance as required.
    2) Fire Brigade – 101

    The call center at Juddha Barun Yantra receives the call when you dial 101. Thereafter, when the person on duty confirms the fire, they signal the first group of seven firefighters to leave immediately for help, while the second group of seven firefighters waits on standby.
    3) Nepal Ambulance Service – 102

    Nepal Ambulance Service is dedicated to the emergency response system in the Kathmandu and Patan areas, later to be expanded nationwide. This system provides rapid ambulance transport to hospitals along with life saving medical care to injured and sick people regardless of their ability to pay.
    4) Traffic Police – 103

    In any sort of accident or road jam/pressure, the traffic police will reach at you in the soonest possible time after you inform them through the above given hotline numbers. In a traffic situation like ours, it is a must to know the hotline to support yourself or anyone else while travelling.
    5) Central Child Welfare Center – 104

    The rate at which children are getting lost or being abandoned in the city area has been increasing. Most of the people are unaware about the child welfare center and the free help line ‘104’ to inform about lost and abandoned children.
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